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Spotlight - Jeff Reed

December 1, 2009

Jeffrey was born in Leesburg, Florida. He moved to Brevard County in the early 60’s, with his mom, four sisters and brother.  Jeff was the eldest of the six children.  Jeff grew up in the Cocoa/Rockledge area and attended school at Rockledge playing football, basketball and track, lettering in each sport.  In August of 1971, Jeff entered the military, serving in the US Army. He served two tours in Germany and one in Korea and left the military in 1984.  Jeffrey began his career with the Florida Department of Corrections as a Correctional Officer at Brevard CI in April of 1984, subsequently was promoted to Sergeant and in 1990 opened the work camp. Jeffrey worked all shifts at both units over his career. Sergeant Reed could always be counted on to support staff in any situation and would frequently serve as acting supervisor when the W/C OIC was covering the main unit. Jeffrey retired in June 2005.

Since retiring, Jeffrey has become an aspiring gardener, following that farmer’s almanac to a tee in planting those tomatoes and okra. Jeffrey also enjoys bowling and golfing when his still working golf buddies are available.  Now if you are retired and need a golfing partner, check with Jeffrey, he may be available. Jeffrey also shares that as with many of us retired folks, he is driving his wife Andrea crazy.  Wait till she retires…

Jeffrey also participates in DC TimeWatchers functions and is a great member and supporter of the group.  He can be found on our DC TimeWatchers group page on www.facebook.com

If you want to catch up with Jeffrey, please watch our website and join us at one of our activities or drop him an email at jreed88@cfl.rr.com and join us on facebook. 

Our next BIG GET2GETHER will be April 09, 2009 at 11:45am at the famous Dixie Crossroad’s Restaurant 1475 Garden Street Titusville, Florida, 32796, so put that date on your calendar now and plan to join the DC TimeWatchers for their Spring Luncheon at a great restaurant.  Also, don’t forget that our group meets for breakfast the first Saturday of every month at 9 AM at the Whistle Junction restaurant located on SR 405 across from Wal-Mart and in front of the new Target Store not more than 3 minutes from the intersection of SR 50 & I-95.


Hey there all you DC TimeWatchers,

We have had a great year.  We clocked over 10,000 hits on our website since launching in April of 08. We have incorporated as a non-profit organization and welcomed over 155 of you all on our facebook group page. We had 73 in attendance at our Dixie Crossroads GET2GETHER in April of 09 and 84 at our picnic in October.  Our monthly breakfast attendance range from 7 to 29 on any given first Saturday of each month and ANYONE is liable to show up and is WELCOME.  It is always great to see friends, both still working and full-time DC TimeWatchers as well. I know I attend everyone I can.  We also purchased several neat projects for the 2nd grade class at Florida’s School for the Deaf (who we sponsor as a group), which included a Butterfly habitat & life cycle study, a Weather station to better understand weather and a starter Chemistry Set for Experiments for our small friends.

We have had to say good-bye to several great friends and fellow DC TimeWatchers this year, but we were blessed to have them be a part of our journey.  Our group is about the Journey and Living and we celebrate the great times and great memories.

Our wish is for each of you and yours to have the best Christmas and Holiday Season ever.

We would like to invite each of you to join our facebook group (if you have not already) and to plan and attend our functions this year. It is so good to see our old friends and to meet new ones.  Look around at work (if still working) or at the store when you run into a retiree who is not a member of our group and encourage them to join and to become active in our group and organization.  Don’t forget to visit our website frequently, www.dctimewatchers.com and stay in touch with us. 

We also want to thank those of you who not only supported us by attending our activities, but especially to all you who have helped make the functions a success through working hard to put them on and/or financially through giving to the DC TimeWatchers, Inc.  Thanks to all those still working members, who have had to take leave to be a part of our lives and help work the events, you are appreciated way more than you can imagine. 

Here is wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Bright Holiday Season,

Keith Kiser & the DC TimeWatchers, Inc.



December 5, 2009

The Weather outside was wet and cold, but eleven DC TimeWatchers made that trip to Whistle Junction Restaurant in Titusville on Saturday Dec. 5 to have breakfast with the gang. Those attending included first timers, Rod Groom, Rock Suppa, and newly fully retired Jeff Jernigan all the way down here from North Florida.  Keith Kiser, George & Ruth Merklinger, E.J. Smith, Jackie & John Shearer and John Cummings and Mike Waldsmith were also present for breakfast.  We enjoyed the hospitality of the restaurant and a great breakfast with old friends. Make sure you mark Saturday, Jan. 2, 2010 down on your calendar and start the New Year out right with your DCTW breakfast club right there at Whistle Junction in Titusville at 9:00 am.  You never know who is going to show up!

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DC TimeWatchers Hosts Cookout For Correctional Officers Academy 09C2 From Brevard CI

November 20, 2009

On November 20, 2009 the DC TimeWatchers hosted a cookout lunch for Corrections Academy Class 09C2 from BREVARD COMMUNITY COLLEGE.  Class 09C2’s motto is “NO EXCUSES, JUST RESULTS” and certainly reflect that in their dedication and demeanor in their efforts to finish the academy and get to work.  DC TimeWatchers, Larry Cruce, Richard Puglio, Bill Boyett, Frank Ramos and Keith Kiser represented the DCTW at the function. The cook out was held at BCC’s range and featured burgers and dogs for the class.  It was great socializing with the new recruits and enjoying a great meal.  The class provided side dishes, including, deviled eggs, pasta and macaroni salads, chips, homemade cookies, key lime and pumpkin pies, cheese cake and other tasty treats along with the main courses. BCC Corrections Coordinator, Melissa Walker and Brevard County Judge Majeed joined the Retirees and the Academy Class as well. 

The DC TimeWatchers wish to extend a hearty thank you for the support and help from everyone who contributed to our group that makes our effort to outreach to our new folks entering the career possible.

Please enjoy the attached photos from the luncheon.  If you are a DC TimeWatcher, who would like to join in the teams that make this happen, just email us at the “contact us” link on the website and we will get in touch with you to help at future events.  Click here to View Pictures

Congratulations to Tom Potter and Stacey Tosi

On November 6, 2009 Tom was promoted to Assistant Warden at BCI and Stacey to Classification Supervisor at BCI. 
We wish them the best of luck in their new duties.

Congratulations Lt. Tangela Weaver

Lt. Weaver and Col. Rob Lowe

On October 30, 2009, Sgt. Tangela Weaver was promoted to Lieutenant at Brevard Correctional Institution.

DC TimeWatchers wish to congratulate Tangela on her recent promotion and wish her the best in her new position.


     Friday, October 16, 2009 we had a RECORD BREAKING CROWD OF 83 folks at our Fall GET2GETHER at Tom Statham County Park.  I have attached our attendance roster if you want to see who was able to make it, the names in RED are retirees.  We had folks living as far as Indiana make the trip along with folks who crossed most of the state of Florida as well as one of our group home from Iraq take time out to join us for our function. Of course let me take a minute and thank everyone who volunteered and worked to help make this happen: Pete Baillargeon, John Shearer II, Larry Cruce, Richard Puglio, Linda Patricks, Charlie Lord, Kathy Woods, Kathy Senter, Tom Burk, Lori Girard, Mike Gooch, Bob Colburn, Jorge Hoffman-Edward Jones Representative, as well as everyone who participated and helped prepare and make it happen. Special thanks to those of you, who contributed above and beyond to the DC TimeWatchers group and made the event financially possible.

    Did we have some good food!  Side dishes included beans, macaroni and tater salads, meatballs, cake, fudge & candy!  Combine that with good burgers and dogs with all the trimmings with chips and you have yourself a good picnic.  Add five $20.00 door prizes, two pocket knives, a fancy grill tool set, comforter and jumbo umbrella for retiree door prizes and a 50/50 pot of $105 and you have a lot of happy faces and you have yourself a DC TIMEWATCHERS GET2GETHER!!!  It was one of our very best events.

    We also were fortunate to be able to open our GET2GETHER in welcoming a new DC TimeWatcher to the group. Staff from Brevard CI joined us and took the opportunity to present Bill Boyett his retirement plaque and gifts for his 29 years of service to the Department. Bill’s official retirement date was September 30. Those who have been retired for a while with still working spouses has briefed him on making sure he cleans up his mess in the kitchen, turn off the television, splash a little water on his face, go out to the workshop just before she gets home and make an entry back into the house when his wife arrives as if he has been so busy all day and did not realize it was so late.… Of course it only works a few times before they catch on… but ride the wave while it lasts….

    Please check out the pictures of our GET2GETHER and JOIN US ON FACEBOOK. Don’t forget we want to grow.  Encourage still working staff to participate as well as retirees. 

    While we don’t harp on money and don’t have dues, we do need a few dollars every year to facilitate our activities. To all who have responded with a contribution, THANK YOU.  We will send you a reminder next August. I had one member ask me yesterday, how much should he send and I replied, send what you feel you can, every gift is helpful. No one is keeping score. For some, a giving rule of thumb is to eat at home at least one meal instead of a nicer restaurant and put that toward the Group at least once a year. It all helps. Don’t forget you can contribute to our group anytime by going to the DONATE button on the website and doing it electronically or printing out a donation form and mailing it to us.  This helps us do what we do, provide opportunities to fellowship and and have a good time.

Attendance Roster

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Congratulations Captain Bernie Elvin

Warden Michele Bateman Congratulates Bernie Elvin on his promotion to Captain

On October 16, 2009, Lt. Bernie Elvin was promoted to the rank of Captain. He has been assigned as the Third Shift OIC at the Main Unit.

DC TimeWatchers wish to congratulate Bernie on his recent promotion and wish him the best in his new position.

Congratulations Sgt. Kenny Stoner

Major J. O'Bryan, Sgt. K. Stoner, Major P. Harris

On October 2, 2009, Officer Kenny Stoner was promoted to Sergeant at Brevard Correctional Institution.

DC TimeWatchers wish to congratulate Kenny on his recent promotion and wish him the best in his new position.

Congratulations Sgt. Jeremy Powe

Col. Rob Lowe and Sgt. Jeremy Powe

On October 2, 2009, Officer Jeremy Powe was promoted to Sergeant at Brevard Correctional Institution.

DC TimeWatchers wish to congratulate Jeremy on his recent promotion and wish him the best in his new position.

November Breakfast With 15 Friends

November 7, 2009

Breakfast on Saturday November 7, 2009 at Whistle Junction found 15 DC TimeWatchers in attendance. They included, Uwe Schwersensky, Larry Reed, Richard Lopresto, E. J. Smith, Larry Cruce, George & Ruth Merklinger, John  and Jackie Shearer, John Moran and wife, Alan Spence and Amos Lewis. Keith was out of town and could not join us.

It was great catching up with everyone and you never know who is going to show up. Our monthly breakfast is nice, so come on and make it even better in December.

Don’t wait, mark Saturday December 5 2009 on your calendar as the next DCTW Breakfast at 9:00am at the Whistle Junction Restaurant in Titusville and come on out and see who shows up…

Look forward to seeing everyone next Month…

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Spotlight - Nancy Allen

October 1, 2009

Nancy Allen was born and raised in East Cleveland Ohio. When she was twenty-three, she and her entire family was taken to dinner at one of Cleveland’s finest restaurants by a family friend. She laughs that her mother was dismayed when she ordered a hamburger and fries…but that is what she wanted. The friend, Jimmy Hoffa…. You will have to ask Nancy for the details.

Nancy served at Brevard from February 1985 to July 2000.  She served as the Secretary in Medical, Counseling & Social Services, Assistant Superintendent and Brevard Work Camp during her career.  Nancy was an integral part of our team at Brevard and a supporting administrative anchor during every project and challenge we had.  She stepped up to support all ACA audits, management reviews, Security in processing disciplinary reports during emergencies as well as FCCD, Employee Club organizations and functions.  Nancy served numerous times as Club/Organization officer over her career in addition to her regular duties.   Nancy could be counted on to be there to help, roll up her sleeves and jump right in regardless of what the job was.  Nancy was a team player and an asset to our organization. Nancy was also a friend to everyone she came into contact with, which makes her a special person to all who worked with her.

Nancy initially retired to Titusville and remained there a few years, but recently on the prodding of her sons, who live in Vero Beach, finally decided to relocate closer to them.  Her children and their families are her pride and joy, son, Jimmy, also known as Dr. S. James Shafer, Neurologist and his wife Helen and his three step daughters and two step sons. Richard (a medical technologist) wife Joe-Ann and son, daughter and niece, live in the Vero Beach area.  Nancy’s daughter, Rebecca Ann Steiner of Medina Ohio with her three daughters are the only ones back in the cold county… but now they can come visit and see everyone in Vero Beach.

Nancy is still exploring the Vero Beach area, but misses the gang up here.  Nancy would love to hear from her DCTW friends and “family”, so email her at Allen359@comcast.net  Nancy is also on facebook and can be easily located as a member of our DC TimeWatchers group on facebook, so register, become a member and stay in touch with all your DC TimeWatcher friends right on our group page.   Nancy has promised to attend our DCTW GET2GETHER on October 16, 2009 at Tom Statham County Park 7101 S. US1 Titusville, Fl. located riverside on US1, 3.4 miles south of the intersection of SR 50 and US 1 just below Titusville.  It is almost directly across US 1 from the turn off to old Tico airport (Space Executive airport now) ….So if you want to catch up with Nancy Allen, plan on attending our GET2GETHER on Friday, October 16, 2009 starting at 11:30am.

The Working Spotlight - Sergeant Lori Girard

August 1, 2009


This article is about one of the most popular staff members to have worked at BCI over the years. She is also one of the few that worked their twenty-five year plus career entirely at BCI. Lori Girard has been a vital player at BCI over the years and has always been there for all of us and always been a friend.

She began her career in Classification at the ripe old age of 21 as a clerk typist on 1/19/81 for then classification supervisor, John Bibby. In August of 1981, Lori was promoted to Secretary in Classification.

In August of 1982, Lori transferred to Security. Her first day on shift, she was assigned to the control room at the Main Unit (There were no other units back then) and was given her one shift training from Sergeant Bill Boyett and she was on her own. At this time Robert Fischer was Major and Danny Wilkins was the Administrative Lieutenant.

After one and a half years or so there, Lori went to the Mail Room. In 1984 while assigned to the Mail Room, Lori worked on June 30 and later that evening was admitted to the hospital where her son, Stacy was born on July 1st. That weekend, there was quite a disturbance on the compound due to the 4th of July Holiday and she missed it. Lori was in the Mail Room until September 1989, when she was promoted to Administrative Sergeant at the New Work Camp that was to be built. Superintendent Ray McCleese promoted her. (She was the first female Sergeant Ray had promoted as Superintendent). Lori was also the first official employee to be assigned to the Work Camp.  During this time, Lori worked with Carl Mullinex to assist in ensuring all building materials and equipment was received and properly assigned to the new facility. Brevard Work Camp opened in June of 1990 with Major Robert Baldonado as Chief.

After about a year she went to 3rd shift for almost a year then to 2nd shift for about a year and then returned as the Administrative Sergeant for several months, then was moved to urinalysis testing for approximately 3 years. Lori then was assigned to Institutional Inspector Don Bowling for a year.  Lori then returned to the Work Camp as the Administrative Sergeant for the following 3 years. In 2007 Lori returned to shift duties as the 2nd shift Control Room Supervisor where she currently works.

During Lori’s career she has been a supporter and leader with the Employee Club (now EBTF) and FCCD holding  officer positions from President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer in each. Lori has been recipient of the Employee of the Month at both units over her career.

Lori enjoys riding motorcycles with Dan, her husband of 17 plus years. She is an excellent baker and is always making some kind of goodies and bringing them to work to share with her coworkers. She can always be found at the DC TIMEWATCHERS events and is usually volunteering at them to help make them a success.  She plans on doing four more years before she joins the ranks of the retired. If you want to drop Lori an email to say hello, you can at Girard.Lori@mail.dc.state.fl.us.


 September 5, 2009

Breakfast on Saturday September 5, 2009 at Whistle Junction found 19 DC TimeWatchers in attendance.  They included,  Lorraine and Paul Thomas, Steve and Carolyn Pelehach, John Cummings, Rich and Carol Ward, Allen Spence, Tom and Sandy Fernstrom, Jackie and John Shearer, Dick and Lona Rogers, E.J. Smith, Keith Kiser, Larry Reed, Richard Lopresto and Larry Cruce. 

We were pleased to have Lorraine and Paul Thomas. Paul, who is still working and currently off recovering from a heart attack, behaved himself admirably at the buffet. It was great to see him out.  Also notable in the group was Tom Fernstrom and his fiance, Sandy, who are getting married on October 17, 2009. Congratulations to the happy couple.  It has also been a while since seeing Carolyn and Steve Pelehach at a breakfast and it was nice having them there as well as everyone else who showed up. 

Don’t wait, mark Saturday October 3, 2009 on your calendar as the next DCTW Breakfast at 9:00am at the Whistle Junction Restaurant in Titusville and come on out and see who shows up… Also don’t forget to plan on coming to our FALL GET2GETHER on Friday October 16, 2009 at Tom Statham County Park located on the riverside of US1 directly across from the entrance to old Tico Airport… just south of Titusville on US1.  It will start at 11:30am, it is going to be a good one.

Look forward to seeing everyone next Month…

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Spotlight - Sally Muncy

September 1, 2009

Sally Muncy hired on at Brevard as the Secretary to the Superintendent in January 1976. She also was one of our original opening staff.  She worked as the Administrative Assistant to, (catch your breath) Mr. Tom Dowling, Interims Sterling Staggers, Curt McKenzie, back to full time wardens, M.K. Sawyer, Jerry Hicks, Ray McCleese, Dave Hemme, Butch Whidden, Don Dean, Interim Bob O’Conner and Ron Holmes.

Sally was the keeper of the gate for Superintendants & Wardens for 27 years at Brevard. Over those years she provided a careful eye on every document and report that came into and out of her bosses view. She assisted on every project that was critical to our continued success in addition to her regular duties.  She assisted every investigator, even before there were institutional inspector positions at institutions, maintaining a professional filing system and ensured their reports were pristine and professional before leaving the Warden’s office. She was the resource for folks when computers were first introduced to Institutions. She was always the first person to greet you and to assist you whether you were up front for a good thing or a bad thing and she did so gracefully and with compassion.

There were basic rules to live by, if you were a correctional officer working in the control room and when it came to the boss’s Assistant, the top was #1. Most importantly, Never ever, even on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, disturb the Superintendent’s Secretary, her desk or office supplies, ever, PERIOD. There was a reason for that, but who really wanted to find out what it was.  Sally set the standard at Brevard, she opened the facility in that capacity and held that post for 27 years. She was kind and helpful and always loyal to her post. Sally was a friend and could always be counted on anytime you needed her help.

May 2003 Sally retired from the Department and became a Charter member of our DC TimeWatchers group. Sally lives in Cocoa and is thankful for all her years with the Brevard family. Sally attended our first and many of our functions and has supported our organization since its early days. Sally continues to be a source of strength and a valued member of our extended retiree family. 

 Wedding Plans Announced for a DC TimeWatcher

September 1, 2009

Tom Fernstrom announced his engagement to his lovely fiancé, Sandy, at our Breakfast on Saturday September 5.  Tom and Sandy will be married on October 17, 2009 at a private ceremony and will reside in a new home they purchased in Port St. John.  We are so please they are going to remain in the area and look forward to seeing both of them at our Get2Gethers each year. 

CONGRATULATIONS to the couple and thanks for sharing the announcement with your friends at our Monthly breakfast.  

August Breakfast at Whistle Junction draws 17 folks

 August 1, 2009

We had 17 folks at breakfast for our monthly August breakfast gathering! You missed a nice breakfast with old and new friends.  The following first timers showed up,  Mike Morrison and Paul Crawford! Others included, Uwe Schwersensky and two guests, Mike Waldsmith, Bernie Elvin, George & Ruth Merklinger, Amos Lewis, John Cummings, E.J. Smith, Rich & Carol Ward, Keith Kiser, Larry Cruce & Allen Spence.

We had a great time and good visit. For you guys who have not shown up, plan to join us on Saturday September 5th, 2009 at 9:00 AM at Whistle Junction and enjoy a breakfast with friends. If you are from away from the area plan a visit to the beach or the space center or hook up with some other folks for a day of shopping or just catching up…Plan ahead and spend the day in the area. It is always a great way to start out a new month!

It was great catching up with everyone and you never know who is going to show up. Our monthly breakfast is nice, so come on and make it even better in September.


Spotlight - Sherman English  

August 2009

Sherman English was born on July 26, 1934 and raised in Sanford Florida. He entered the US AIR FORCE and served 21 years 9 months retiring as a Master Sergeant on February 1, 1976.  Sherman’s last assignment was Kaena Point Satellite Tracking Station, Hawaii. He was the only Medical Personnel there.

Sherman retired to Merritt Island, Florida and on February 9, 1976 (count it, just 8 days after retiring) Sherman began his second career with the Florida Department of Corrections at a new Prison located in Sharpes, Florida called Brevard CI.  Sherman was among the opening staff of our facility as a Medical Technician.  Many today do not know that during the early years, the clinic was staffed with 1 doctor, 1 registered nurse both worked administrative hours and 5 Clinical medical technicians-C, who worked the shifts.  I can remember Sherman and the other original CMT-C’S taking care of most needs right there in the clinic, including stitches, lab works and other items that now go directly outside.  Sherman and the others were always there for the staff and were always ready to assist in any way possible in any emergency.

 Sherman served Medical in several capacities as a CMT-C and including as Health Services Administrator and in 1989, Sherman transferred over to Security and was assigned as a Squad Officer at the Work Camp until he retired in 2000.

Everyone who knows Sherman, is aware he is quite a bowler. Since retiring Sherman works in the pro shop of his favorite bowling alley drilling bowling balls.  He also spends a fair amount of time fishing as well.  Sherman’s son, Randy now works at the Work Camp and carries on the English name at the old work place.

If you want to catch up with Sherman, plan on attending one of our Get2Gethers as he and Joan are regulars and charter DC TimeWatchers.  (If Randy can scrounge the day off, you may even get to see him too.) If you want to contact Sherm, you can do so by emailing him at HennysJ@aol.com or plan to visit with him at one of our gatherings.  

Sherman, John Ringer, unknowns 1976

July Breakfast


Saturday July 4th, DC TimeWatchers gathered for our Independence day breakfast at the Whistle Junction restaurant in Titusville, Florida.  We had a great gathering with Tom & Maria Komon and Alexandra along with George & Ruth Merklinger, Bernie & Chris Elvin, Jack Phillips, Bill Boyett, Rich Puglio, E.J. Smith, Amos Lewis, John Cummings, Barre and Barre #2 Taylor and Keith Kiser.

Everyone was discussing their plans for the afternoon and assorted conversation on what is keeping them busy these days.  It is interesting to hear how different folks are managing their drop funds and which advisors are their picks.  The great thing especially for those still working folks to take away is that there is life after retirement.. It is great to share with each other on a monthly basis among friends. 

Hope everyone has a great 4th, even if you didn’t start the day out with a great breakfast like the DC TimeWatchers breakfast club.  IT’s never too late to become a part… Just mark the 1st Saturday of August and plan to be at Whistle Junction at 9am, just look around for your friends, we will be there.

What's New with DC TimeWatchers

Part 2

1.       We have also committed to outreach and support new staff at our closest institution by doing a cookout for new recruits in every academy at Brevard Community College. It is our opportunity to encourage new employees and further show them that a full career is viable and worthwhile. It also gives us the personal contact and recognition to those, who will replace us one of these days in this organization.  If you are interested in helping or joining us for this or future similar activities, please let me know or email us at dctimewatchers@yahoo.com

2.       DC TimeWatchers also supports the Second Grade Class at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind.  We are unofficial Class Grandparents of Mrs. Kaspar’s, Second Grade Deaf Class. We send care packs, school supplies (ie backpacks- supplies for needy students) provide snacks, treats and sometimes a pizza party for the great students of the Second Grade at FSDB.  Again, if anyone wishes to assist in providing such things in this endeavor please contact Keith Kiser at keith@dctimewatchers.com

3.       We are so pleased to have such a great group and welcome all first time attendees. We do hope you plan to come again and join us for every function.  Remember we have a monthly breakfast the first Saturday of each month at the Whistle Junction Restaurant located on SR-405 near Wal-mart in Titusville at 9am. Come and join us, it’s a great way to stay in touch and start every month.

4.       If you have had an email or address/phone number change, please email the changes to us at dctimewatchers@yahoo.com

5.       I want to thank everyone who has supported this group, but want to recognize those who have volunteered to help with each function we have.

6.       If you have an idea or want to help fuel and support our Organization, or want to volunteer for any activity, don’t hesitate to contact us at dctimewatchers@yahoo.com or contact Keith at 321-794-8044. If you don’t want to use the computer for donations, you may mail them the old fashioned way, making out checks payable to the DC TimeWatchers, Inc. and mailing them to me at my address. (Please contact me for the address).

Spotlight - Marilyn Acierno

July 2009

Our Spotlight this month is on our friend and fellow DC TimeWatcher, Marilyn Acierno.

Marilyn grew up in Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama and New York…..  In February 1978 Marilyn began her career with the Department of Corrections as a clerk-typist in Classification, briefly working for the Parole & Probation department with Phil Catalfano from March 1979 through early summer. In June 1979, Marilyn was the Secretary for John Bibby, Classification Supervisor. 

In September of 1980, Marilyn’s husband, Lou, was seriously injured and Marilyn transferred to security department. She worked posts in the control room, mail room & mostly on special assignment ensuring the work of DR investigators, major incidents and anything that needed to be neat, correct and understandable, was transcribed correctly, and professionally presented, was done the way it needed to be done prior to submission. 

Marilyn worked circles around those of us who inundated her with huge volumes of investigations, reports, program changes, ACA documentation and every kind of document, report that can be imagined and made it look easy.

In November 1985 Marilyn took a voluntary demotion to accept a data entry position in Classification and again in May 1986 was secretary to John Bibby, Classification Supervisor.

In May of 1987, Marilyn was moved to Medical Records and in 1988 she was promoted to Secretary Specialist to the Assistant Superintendent of Operations, Ray McCleese, where she remained in position as secretary to Mr. McCleese and to Mr. Danny Wilkins who succeeded Ray as AWO.

Marilyn retired from that position in February 1998 and was missed terribly by everyone who relied on her so much on her excellent abilities as Marilyn always lent a hand to those of us she worked with even though her current position was not required to do so, she always helped out. Marilyn was a loyal friend, outstanding Officer and employee and was always there to help when needed.

Since retiring, Marilyn has again taken up golf and is on a league at Cocoa Beach and plays twice a week. Lou and Marilyn have 6 grandchildren ranging in age from 10 to 29. They travel more now, especially since Lou invested in a GPS and now can find his way around.  (Lou, she made me put that in there!)

Marilyn is also a CHARTER DC TIMEWATCHERS member and can be found on frequent occasions at our functions, especially our annual luncheon. So if you want to catch up with Marilyn make sure to mark our Get2Gethers on your calendar and plan to join us there.

If you want to contact Marilyn, her email is, marilynacierno@yahoo.com  I know that she would love to hear from you. 

June Breakfast



Hey everyone, our June 6, 2009 Breakfast was INCREDIBLE.  We had 25 in attendance and here is our list:  Steve & Kathy Senter, Richard & Carol Ward, George & Ruth Merklinger, Jackie & John Shearer, Allen Spence, Keith Kiser, Larry Cruce, David Amstadt, Uwe Schwersenski & his daughter and 2 friends, Larry Reed, Rich Lopresto, E.J. Smith, Bob Cope & Jerico (his son), Bill & Carole Rickenbrode (Carole has just retired in Kansas-Welcome to the group), Bernie & Chris Elvin.

It was a great time of sharing and hanging out.  Steve Senter is in from his job in Iraq till the end of the month, Bob Cope is on one of his international jaunts from his new home in New Zealand and Bill and Carole Rickenbrode surprised us from Kansas.  The rest of us both hailed from South Brevard, North Brevard, Lake and Volusia counties.  It was really a nice gathering.  Everyone enjoyed themselves, no one left hungry and both Keith and Larry forgot their cameras. Don’t fret, Bob Cope and Carole Rickenbrode saved the day and will be forwarding Photographs of this Historic record breaking Breakfast very soon.  So if you are reading this now and the pictures are not attached, you have to come back and check out the photographs in a couple of days.  Make sure you don’t miss the next historic event and plan to join us for our DC TimeWatchers monthly breakfast.  You can find the date by checking out the upper right hand corner of our website for the next one.   See you there.

Notes From:

W. Scott Whitacre

February 2009

Remember Dr. Scott Whitacre?  Scott is one of our own and one of my best friends. In 31+ years of real life prison work on the line, I have never known a better Correctional Psychologist.

I have asked Scott to delve off the beaten path of his usual forte and to share with us, strategies and things that may help us be more fruitful and happy as retirees. I reminded Scott that he will be joining us one day and he may as well offer some thought and insight to our “complicated lives” after we retire. Scott will be sharing a reoccurring article with us as he finds time to do so. He has agreed to update us in each article on how things are going for him, because we care, because he cares….

If you appreciate the articles, let us know by emailing us and letting us know at dctimewatchers@yahoo.com.

"The Hands of Time"

            I love the movies.  My wife and I make a concerted push to view as many films as we can, especially those with Oscar nominations on the table.  And so, as Keith has asked me to share some humble thoughts on the challenges of retirement with all of you, I can’t help but find myself preoccupied with a film that Jill and I saw recently.  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, starring Brad Pitt and based on a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, pulled in 13 Oscar nominations. As the big ceremony looms on February 23, I offer some reflections to you.

            First of all, it is rather interesting to be writing thoughts regarding retirement to all of you.  As you may or may not know, I am the psychologist at Brevard CI (still working!) and have had the pleasure of working with many of you for years.  I’m still here, 15 years this month and at least 10 years away from my own retirement.  What could I possibly say to you that are relevant, considering the fact that retirement still seems a far away goal to me?  Perhaps the film can help.

Without giving too much away, suffice to say that the film is about a man who is born old and ages backward as his life progresses... As he is growing up, he meets a girl much younger than he, loses track of her, but finds her again many years later when they have “met in the middle.”  He is younger than when they first met, she is older than when they first met, and they are about the same age.  The film is peppered with intriguing visual metaphors: clocks whose hands move backward, nursing homes filled with the elderly and the youthful, light and dark (the cinematography is incredible, evocative and inspiring), and sight gags about the confusion of memories.  Brad Pitt is terrific in the lead role, and plays it understated and bewildered by his existence.

What is the relevance of all this for retirement?  One of the messages from the film that is used in trailers and ads is that “life can only be understood when lived backward.” My translation of this insight is that certain points in life can only be appreciated from the perspective of being older; Pitt’s character has many experiences that only take on significance for him because he has been “older” and sees them from the perspective which a richer, deeper life affords.  I suspect this is somewhat true of retirement, though once again I plead humility because I am not there yet.

The psychological principle is simple.  We need to appreciate what we have, and the process in which we are currently engaged.  I often say it this way: it is not that the magical train is coming, but that we are on the magical train.  Life is all about riding the train.

I hope that my tone here has not suggested that retirement is mostly about struggle.  I know that many of you are having a hell of lot more fun than I am and are enjoying the fruits of your careers. In speaking to new retirees, they sometimes share a feeling of displacement mainly due to their established routines ending.  This soon fades as new routines are established and can easily be seen as that retiree smile gets broader and broader.

In closing, I’m sure that no matter what side of retirement we are on, life continues to provide challenges and opportunities.  I guess that Curious Case might suggest that we must strive to recognize the wonder of our life.  We need to relish the opportunities, meet and deal with adversity and most of all, celebrate what we have.  We need to understand that the phase of life that we occupy is a gift, something which only takes on meaning if we look at all we have done to get here. 

Go see the movie.  You’ll like it.

W.Scott Whitacre


We all gathered together on April 3, at Dixie Crossroads in Titusville for our SPRING GET2GETHER.  We had 71 DC TimeWatchers in attendance including our youngest member, Ava Lord, who came with Mommy & Daddy. As always, Dixie Crossroads afforded us their big banquet room and excellent service and hospitality.  No one left hungry!  We really appreciated Mike Gooch’s heads up and $3.00 coupon that everyone in attendance received.

It was great seeing everyone who attended.  Folks we had not seen in a while included Bill and Barbara Hanawalt, Curtis Davis, Dan Wilkins, Duane Smith, Larry Reed, Richard Lopresto, Lew Shelpman & Rick Stanley.  But there were 62 other ones there too, including first timers, Mr. Mayo-AWO Brevard, Tom Burke, Gabriela Cruce, Chris Elvin, Carmen Powers, Jeff Reed, David Oliver & Tony Bouchard.  Make sure you check out the photos and see who else attended.

The DC TimeWatchers wants to thank the loyalty of the following folks, who took time out of their schedules to volunteer to help make our GET2GETHER a success this time:  Linda Patricks, Kathy Senter, Charlie Lord, Lori Girard, Mike Gooch, Larry Cruce, Bernie Elvin and Richard Puglio for helping make our events more enjoyable.  Thanks to everyone who supports us. Special thanks to Jorge Hoffman, Financial Advisor from Edward Jones who joined us and provided a box of RETIREE DOOR PRIZES for our event to supplement the 5 twenty dollar bills that we also gave away.  Jorge is always invited, however, provides the extra door prizes without being asked. Jorge has provided financial guidance to numerous members of our group and is always welcome to our events. We also had a drawing for a $100.00 50/50, won by Duane Smith. Congratulations Duane.

During our door prize break, Danny Wilkins presented Larry Cruce with his retirement plaque. Yes, Larry retired almost 2 years ago and the plaque finally caught up with him at our GET2GETHER. It was nice and well deserved, we appreciate the members of Brevard’s management team who attended and made the presentation possible.

Let me remind you to check out our Photos of our Get2Gether SPRING 2009. Also, thanks to those who brought old pictures out to add to our album.  They should be popping up very soon, as well.

Well keep Fridays open in October, as that will be when we do our FALL GET2GETHER and we will get those details to you as they are made and confirmed.

Don’t forget our first Saturday of each month Breakfast at Whistle Junction restaurant in Titusville at 9 am.

See you there

DCTimeWatchers Cooks for BCC Academy Class

April 14, 2009

On Tuesday April 14, 2009, volunteers from the DC TimeWatchers’ organization cooked lunch for the Corrections Academy Class of Brevard Community College.  DCTW members Richard Puglio, Larry Cruce and Keith Kiser prepared Burgers and Dogs for the Class along with guests, Melissa Walker (Corrections Coordinator for BCC), Frank Ramos (Range Director BCC & DC TimeWatcher) and Instructors, Bob Ostovich (Also a DC TimeWatcher) & John Courtney (Still Working member of DCTW). The class brought in some delicious side dishes and desserts and we all had a great time on the last day of the range. 

The team had to dodge a few lightning bolts and endure a good soaking rain, but it all came out well.  The DC TimeWatchers, committed to host a lunch to each Correctional Class held at Brevard Community College and this was our second event and we look forward to many, many more as we grow.  We hope to reach out to new DC Staff who are just starting their careers.  The Retiree group enjoys interacting with those new folks and seeing old friends who come out and joins us.  Thanks to George Harrison, Jr. and members of the Leadership group from Brevard who stopped in to check it out.  It is appreciated.

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Spotlight - George Murphy

May 1, 2009

Our SPOTLIGHT this month is on our friend and fellow DC TimeWatcher George Murphy.  George was born and raised in Lowell Mass. George was the eldest with a brother and sister.                                              

George’s father was the Secretary of Mass Tax Service and his mom was a fulltime home-maker. George joined the US Air Force in Boston in 1952 and served just over 21 years retiring as a Senior Sergeant from McGuire AFB in New Jersey. A year later in 1975, George launched

his Department of Corrections career initially at the Cocoa Community Correctional Center and shortly thereafter transferred to Lake Correctional Institution.

In 1976, a new facility, Brevard CI, opened and George returned to Brevard County making Sergeant. George remained at Brevard throughout his career, retiring as a Captain in 2000 with 25 years 3 months of service.

Since retiring, George and his wife Carolyn moved to Willacoochee, Georgia where they are tree farmers (Pine trees) and love to travel in their motor home. George and Carolyn are charter members of the DC TimeWatchers group and make as many of our functions as possible. It is always great seeing them when they are in. 

If you want to catch up with Murph, you need to mark down and attend our Get2gethers and also join us on our facebook group, DC TimeWatchers.  George and Carolyn always enjoys hearing from their DC TimeWatchers friends, so drop them an email at Murph300@yahoo.com and see what they are up to.


Brevard CI Officer F. Hale

April 21, 2009

Brevard Correctional Facility
Attn: Warden Bateman
855 Camp Rd.
Cocoa, FL 32927

Dear Warden Bateman,

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank the Correctional Facility for all your efforts in providing us with a very professional Corrections Officer, F. Hale, and the productive crew under his direction.

Recently the City of Cape Canaveral had to rebuild one of its beach crossovers. We utilized the inmate crew under the direction of Officer Hale. They worked vigilantly to complete this project while still performing the normal daily duties assigned to them. This was a great team effort of City staff working with the inmates to complete the project in a timely manner. We received many thanks from the local neighborhood citizens as well as praise from City management.


Kay McKee
City of Cape Canaveral
Public Works Supervisor

DC TimeWatcher recognized for Service to Crosswinds

Dave Hemme Honored with First Crosswinds Lifetime Achievement Award

February 2009

Dave Hemme started his career as a teacher with the Florida Department of Corrections in 1968, and served as Superintendent of three different major correctional institutions, including Brevard, before retiring.

Elected to the Crosswinds Board of Directors in 1995, Mr. Hemme served as Treasurer, Secretary, and President before retiring from the Board in 2008. He was instrumental in finding the property for Crosswinds’ current campus on Dixon Boulevard in Cocoa and in obtaining government and private funding for construction of the Robert E. Lehton Children’s Shelter.

The Board of Directors chose to honor Mr. Hemme, not only for his passion, wisdom and dedication inservice to Crosswinds, but for his lifetime of service. His outstanding community activities, along with his tireless efforts to prevent juvenile delinquency and reach out to youth in need, have earned him the first ever Crosswinds Lifetime Achievement Award. He has truly made a tremendous impact on the lives of the children, youth and families of Brevard County.

Spotlight - Danny Wilkins

April 1, 2009

Danny Wilkins grew up in Long Island New York and joined the Air Force just out of high school in 1970. When Dan separated from the military he joined his parents, who had moved to Florida and in 1974, he began his career with the Florida Department of Corrections as a CO-I at Sumter Correctional Institution.  In 1976, he and fellow officer Buster Bullock, both from SCI, made Sergeant at a brand new facility located just north of Cocoa, Florida. That was Brevard Correctional Institution. In 1980 Dan was promoted to Lieutenant and served as Administrative Lieutenant for Majors Duane Rutledge and Robert Fischer. In 1983, at the age of 30, Danny was promoted to Major at Brevard CI. Danny was one of the youngest Chief Correctional Officers in the state at that time.  In 1989, Danny was promoted to Assistant Superintendent, which title was later changed to Assistant Warden. In 1999, Danny was transferred to Central Florida Reception Center and in 2002, again promoted to Warden at Sumter Correctional Institution. Danny shared that it was strange to return to his first institution where he began his career as Warden.  In 2003, Danny was moved to Warden at Brevard where he remained until he retired with 32.5 years of service.

Danny shared that he has never regretted his career with the Department. He has met so many wonderful people throughout his career. The years that he spent at Brevard CI were very special to him because in part, he was lucky to have been part of the opening team.  Danny shared, “Folks that work in Corrections are very special breed and it takes a special breed to do what the staff are tasked with everyday.”

Since Retiring, Dan has been traveling a lot, fishing and golfing when he can and there isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t thank God for leading him to Corrections and a career that allowed him to retire so young.

Danny was more than a coworker and supervisor for everyone he worked with. He was part of the “family” who was there from the first day Brevard opened.

Danny also is a Charter supporter and member of the DC TimeWatchers and can be found on frequent occasion at our functions and activities. If you want to catch up with Dan, I recommend that you plan on joining us at a future activity, which are posted on our website, www.dctimewatchers.com  also don’t forget to join and register on facebook.com and join our group, DC TimeWatchers! It is becoming a great place to network and stay in touch!

Spotlight - Chaplain Bill Hanawalt


February 1, 2009

Bill Hanawalt was born and raised in Ft. Collins Colorado and considers that home although his life has taken him many different places including Brevard County Florida.  In 1943, at 16 years of age, Bill and his family moved to Seattle Washington where he worked for almost two years in the War effort at the SEA-TAC shipyard as a young welder. After that, Bill did some mechanic work while attending Seattle Institute for ministry, where in 1948 he met and married Barbara. Bill and Barbara pastored several small churches in the next few years as Bill continued his education at the Denver Seminary and subsequently received his Doctor of Ministry degree from Midwest Baptist Seminary in Kansas City Missouri.  Over the 10-12 following years, Bill taught at Evangel College in Missouri, until applying for a Chaplain’s position with the Department of Corrections.  In 1975, Bill was interviewed by Chief Chaplain for the State of Florida, Hughy Perry and was hired for a new facility opening up in early 1976 -  Brevard CI.  Bill had also become involved that same year in a new organization called the ACA, of which he remained active and an asset for not only BCI, but for the entire state of Florida.  With this new job, Bill and Barbara found an acre and a half right on the Indian River, just north of the Prison with a couple of small houses on it and purchased it.  They lived in one, rented the other and eventually built a home on the river, where they still live today.

Bill shared that he felt like one of the family right off the cuff at Brevard.  He fondly remembers the orientation classes in the BOQ lobby with some of the other folks who opened up Brevard. He laughed and remembers a young Buster Bullock and Danny Wilkins and all the others carrying on and making things more fun as they attended the classes.  Bill served as Chaplain at Brevard, until he retired in 1992. While Bill coordinated the religious program for Inmates, he also was very important to all staff who worked with him. He was as much our minister and most importantly our friend as anyone else could be. He was one of us and always cared. 

Bill and Barbara celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this past year.  They have 2 sons, one who followed in dad’s footsteps and is a minister. The other is the head of Echo-cardio services at a hospital in New Orleans Louisiana, four grandsons and now a great-grand daughter are the rave at the Hanawalt home.  Since retiring Bill hobbies with digital photography and computer editing, but most of the time he spends with maintaining that acre and a half and the two rental properties other than his home.

Bill has so many fond memories of work, which he truly enjoyed over the years. Bill and Barbara loves attending every GET2GETHER they can and are looking forward to our upcoming one on April 3, 2009 at Dixie Crossroads.  If you want to catch up with Bill and Barbara, plan on joining them there or shoot him an email at wildbillhanawal@bellsouth.net .


On Thursday December 11, 2008, Members of the DC TimeWatchers hosted our first Cook Out for the Corrections Class being conducted at Brevard Community College in Titusville, Florida. Class 08C2 enjoyed Burgers and Dogs with all the trimmings, chips, ‘tater’ salad along with ‘wham-whams’ ‘zoom-zooms’ and ‘sweetie goes’. Special thanks go out to all members of the DC TimeWatchers who have supported this activity and provided assistance in all our events.  The chief chef for the lunch was Richard Puglio assisted by Larry Cruce and Keith Kiser.  Special thanks for all the work and time put in to the activity.


Colonel Rob Lowe                                      Pam Ross

No one left hungry!!  Weather kept us inside, but it was still nice. Special thanks goes out to Colonel Rob Lowe from Brevard and Pam Ross, Corrections Coordinator for joining the DC TimeWatchers and class for lunch. As a group, we hope to host lunch for our new Correctional Officers during every academy and if you are interested in joining the work team or supporting our activities, just email us at dctimewatchers@yahoo.com  

We believe that such an effort is vital to encourage and support our new folks stepping up to the job and letting them know that we are an organization who has shared their path and will be there to join as they become a senior staff member and eventually a fulltime  DC TimeWatcher!!

Please enjoy the pictures attached.

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Spotlight - Richard Ward

January 1, 2009

This month’s Spotlight is on our friend Richard Ward. Richard grew up in Middletown Ct., where he excelled in field and track area placing in the two mile run at his local high school competitions as well as those normal kid things we all do in our youth.  At 17 after high school Richard joined the United States Coast Guard in 1964 and launched his first career along with his new bride Carol from East Orange New Jersey. Richard was assigned many posts up and down the Atlantic Seaboard and for 14 months beginning in 1967, Richard served on a gun boat in Viet Nam, officially joining the ranks of the “Brown Water Sailors”.  Richard retired from the Coast Guard in 1987 retiring as an E-7 Chief, Machinery Technician, serving the Nation some 23 years or so.

Carol and Richard agreed retiring to Central Florida was their choice.  After taking a family vacation and seeing some of the landlocked US, Richard decided to launch his second career.  In 1987 Richard accepted a position at Brevard CI as Chaplain (!!!) No just kidding, he joined us as a Correctional Officer (Although we are sure he would have been a fabulous Chaplain, we were glad he was a C.O.)

Richard became a team member from the start. He used his maturity, and professional skills he gained from his world travels and experiences in the Coast Guard and applied them to the benevolence of his shifts and coworkers. You could always find Richard working confinement, where he spent much of his time as a Correctional Officer. Richard was promoted to Sergeant rather shortly and worked all Sergeant posts at the Main Unit, including but not limited to Visiting Park and Control Room.  Richard was subsequently transferred to the Work Camp where he served until he retired in 2002.

Since retiring from the Department of Corrections in 2002, Richard and Carol continue to live in one of our south county beach communities. One of Richard’s passions was Muscle Cars and for many years built and maintained them. Although he does not work on them as he used to, that is still one of his most favorite things. Richard and Carol also traveled across the country and visited life-long friends and family made in all those years in the military. They fish and enjoy each other’s company where ever they go.   

If you want to catch up with Rich and Carol, you can email them at rward008@cfl.rr.com or plan to attend one of the DC TimeWatcher’s activities, as Rich & Carol are charter members and support the group by attending functions whenever possible.  


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