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  • Congratulations Tom!

    December 1, 2008

    Tom Komon was recipient of the Arch Angel Michael Honors award from the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Atlanta during a ceremony the first weekend of November. This award is given in recognition of significant service and duty to his church, St. Katherine’s of Melbourne Florida. The ceremony was held in Atlanta, with all the fanfare associated with such a prestigious award. The Award was presented by the Greek Orthodox Metropolis Alexios (Bishop) of the Southeastern United States. The Metropolis recognized honorees from the southeastern U.S. who were selected and nominated by their Church leadership for loyal service to their Faith.

    Congratulations and kudos to Tom Komon for recognition of his service to his community of faith.


    Spotlight - John (Jack) Phillips

    December 1, 2008

    Jack Phillips came to Brevard CI in June of 1990 after a twenty plus year career as a Four Color Proofer with the Graphic Art International Union of Washington DC. Jack’s clients included the National Geographic, Smithsonian & National Wildlife magazines among many others.  At Brevard, Jack became a team player from the start. He spent his first five years on 3rd shift from 1990-1995. In 1996 he went to the 2nd shift and then in 2000 he went to the Tower post which also filled needs on the yard during holiday breaks.  If you visited Brevard anytime between the years of 2000 and 2005, odds are if you came through the back gate, you did so at the discretion of Jack Phillips. He carefully monitored all operations at one of the most critical points of egress at any Institution.  Throughout his career with the department, he demonstrated skills in every post on every shift. It was always a pleasure to have a skilled career Officer such as Jack assigned to the shift. He could be counted on to do any job as well as train new staff to do any job. Jack retired June 2005 and is enjoying retirement.

    You may not know that Jack initially was educated in construction as an electrician and due to an economic downswing in the steel industry ended up in the Printing trade for his first career. Now in retirement, he enjoys using his “fixer upper” skills around his and wife, Dottie’s lovely home at Swan Lake in Titusville.  He and Dottie have two daughters and grandchildren, who live in the greater Augusta Georgia area. Including his fixer up duties, Jack enjoys fishing off his dock behind his home, and loves digital photography and computer editing of his photos. His favorite subjects are landscapes and wildlife.

    Jack and Dottie are also charter members of the DC TimeWatchers group. Jack is also on FACEBOOK and a member of the FACEBOOK group DC TimeWatchers as well. If you want to catch up with Jack, you can plan on attending a DC TIMEWATCHER activity, Join FACEBOOK, join the FACEBOOK DC TimeWatcher group or email Jack at jdlakeside@bellsouth.net  Jack would love to hear from all his work friends any time.  


    November 1, 2008

    Hey, the DC TimeWatchers sponsored 2nd grade class Teacher, Jessica Kaspar was named Deaf Elementary Teacher of the Year 2009/2010 at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind. 

    Of course I am proud of that as Jessica Kaspar is Kathie's & my daughter and a very dedicated teacher of a special group of children.


    Fall Picnic Get2Gether Great Success

    October 10, 2008

    Our fall GET2GETHER was held on Friday 10/10/08.  Please take a few minutes and look at the photo album of the gathering.  We had 45 in attendance, while that is a lower number than usual, it was a great time.  Our most distant traveler was George Murphy from Georgia, with a great mix of folks from all over Brevard County and a great mix of all department’s retirees.  Medical made a great showing, with RN Marge Patt, CMT-C Willie Parlor, Sherman English (yes he was in medical before coming to security) and not forgetting Jim Johnson –who also started in Medical at Brevard and retired as AW from IRCI. Another Administrator retiree was Dave Hemme, Retired Warden.   Bill Morrell & John Shearer Sr. from Maintenance, Mike Gooch from Staff Development/Training, Manly Solovicos, Marge Grasso, Steve Russo, Kenny Terrell from education.  Security retirees included Richard Puglio, Larry Cruce, John Cummings, Doug Gillis, Keith Kiser, Tom Komon, Richard Lopresto, Larry Reed, Uwe Schwersenski, Tim Scott, Jackie Shearer, E.J. Smith, Allan Spence, Richard Ward, Deputy Bobby Johnson and guests Joan English, Carol Ward, Sharon Loneg & Onnita Reed.  

    Pete Baillargeon and John Shearer II did a great job on the grill as always, and thanks to the superb organizational skills and financial arm twisting of Lori Girard and Linda Patricks we got everyone logged in those participating in our 50/50 draw along with tons of Retiree Door Prizes. Other still working staff and supporters of our Retiree Group, whom we love to see included, Captain Bernie Elvin, Captain Robert Wilson, Lieutenant Don Tapper-Charlotte CI,  Senior Sgt. Amos Lewis,  Sgt. Tom Burke,  Sgt. Maria Komon, Lieutenant Chuck Mulligan.

    If you are still working and are interested in helping out our group in our functions or wish to join us for an activity, please just email and let us know and we will add you to our email list and keep you up to date on happenings of the DC TimeWatchers.

    THANK YOU!      THANK YOU!      THANK YOU!         

    One of the reasons our retiree group enjoys success is the still working folks, who come out and volunteer to help us put our functions on every time we gather

    Since 2003, many of you schedule time off, plan on your regular days off or just squeeze us in during your lunch hour to help us out any way you can in supporting our GET2GETHERS.  Many of you contribute generously of your time, money or resources for our gatherings. There are over 40 of you who have directly helped us maintain our relationships with our employee family over the last Five (5) Years!!! We deeply appreciate all that you have done without special notice or exceptional recognition.  There are probably twice that many folks who cover posts and work the shift to allow you to step up and support our retiree group and to those, we are also grateful. 

    You know who you are and so do we……. Thank you for being there for us!!

    Also, I want to express our deepest appreciation to Mr. Jorge Hoffman from Edward Jones Investments, who kindly donated 17 beautiful door prize gifts for the function.  Jorge is the financial advisor for several retirees from Brevard and is always available to consult with anyone preparing to retire or already retired. He can be reached at 639-8510. Jorge’s office is located at 3819 Murrell Road, Rockledge, Florida.  “Thanks Jorge for your generosity and support of our DC TimeWatchers”.

    View More Pictures

    Allen Spence - What Do You Do When You Retire?

    Allen's Big Adventure

    October 1, 2008



    The trip took 40 days and nights.  He camped 30 nights on the road in his small bivy tent and only spent 10 days in various hotels along the trip. He logged more than 14,300 miles on his new BMW motorcycle.

    His Journey Log included the first main stop in Gillette Wyoming, which is a long way from Florida by itself, and attended the BMW rally held there.  From there he began his trek to the far north.  Allen entered Canada on 7/27/08, where Canadian Mounties confiscated his hand gun until he returned to the United States.  Allen 0-Bears 1, but Allen trekked on.

    7/28/08- Allen broke down 25 miles south of the end of the Great Alaskan Highway near Delta Junction Alaska, the tow to Fairbanks cost $625 and the repair took 5 days and $1,000. While in Fairbanks, Allen took in the sights of Fairbanks and the warm hospitality of the Alaskan residents.

    During Allen’s Odyssey, he visited and recorded on his trusty digital camera the following truly magnificent sites: Fairbanks, Denali Park,  Anchorage, Seward, Homer, Valdez, Delta Junction.



    Heading back to the US (retrieving his trusty pistol at the US/CANADIAN border….on 8/13 from the Mounties.  (Allen only saw about 6 bears on the trip – I reminded him it is always the ones you don’t see that eats you)- Poor bears, Lucky Allen.

    Other great sites and scenes on the way he photographed include: Mt. Rushmore, Bad Lands SD, Little Big Horn, Devils’ Tower, and many of the beautiful state and municipal parks all across the United States where he stayed.

    When Allen finally got back into Florida, Tropical Storm Fay was taking her toll on us and it took almost 3 days on the bike to get from South Georgia to Home.  The only little accident he had was in White Springs Florida on the trip home, when he gently laid down his bike in a parking lot of a restaurant. Allen made it home safely, now he has some chores to catch up on.

    We really appreciate Allen sharing his adventure with us… His pictures are great and his adventure rating is pretty high from us.  If you want to see more picts or ask ALLEN for recommendations for your adventure trip to the frozen north, email ALLEN at alslst2004@yahoo.com.  I believe Allen is ready to go again!

    Richard Puglio - Assists in Hurricane Faye Aftermath

    October 1, 2008

    DC TimeWatcher Richard Puglio, volunteers with the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary and after Tropic Storm Fay, with the flooding of the St. Johns and Lake Monroe, the USCG-A was assigned to patrol and regulate navigation in the danger zones where restrictions were placed to protect property and boaters. Richard was gracious enough to share some pictures of his adventures with the Auxiliary unit on patrol in the Seminole county waterways. Read More and View Pictures

    Richard enjoys his duties with the Coast Guard Auxiliary.  It requires a great deal of time each month and constant training and maritime education.  Richard enjoys the knowledge and experiences he receives from his work with the Coast Guard.

    If you are interested in volunteer opportunities with the Coast Guard Auxiliary, please don’t hesitate to ask Richard, his email is mlfrjp@cfl.rr.com.  

    Richard will be pleased to tell you how to become involved if you are interested. Thanks Richard for the pictures. DCTimeWatchers.com


    Bernie Elvin Helps Establish New DOC Procedure

    October 1, 2008

    We would like to give a big hand to Bernie Elvin for helping establish new procedures in Tallahassee that finally resulted in Officer George Bocook, being added to the Florida Department of Corrections Memorial to Fallen Officers. George Bocook suffered a heart attack while on duty and died on August 21, 1991. He is now the second name on the list. Bernie began his quest in January 2007, to have him added to this list of staff that have fallen in the line of duty. Bernie had to get a signed letter from then Secretary McDonough approving that Officer Bocook be added to the memorial. Numerous emails were sent back and forth to Gail Thompson, Chief of Personnel for the Florida Department of Corrections.  Ms. Thompson was a big help and never failed to help or respond to any questions Bernie had during this entire process. Then the staff in Tallahassee had to create and write new department policy on how to add an officer’s name that was overlooked in the past, but later recognized to have fallen in the line of duty. Once the policy was created and written and finally approved, they moved forward and added Officer Bocook and 4 other fallen officers that were overlooked, and they didn't know how to add to the memorial until this new policy was created. This policy is a direct result of Bernie’s request on behalf of Officer Bocook, Procedure 110.009 was written and implemented. So in a way Officer Bocook helped four other deserving fallen officers get recognized and get their names on the memorial as well.

    Bernie stated’ I am glad and proud to have this task completed and be able to say that Officer George A. Bocook from Brevard CI does not walk alone and will always be remembered by the staff here at BCI and the Florida Department of Corrections.”

    Here is the link to see his name proudly displayed............



    October Breakfast

    October 4, 2008

    If you missed the September Breakfast, you didn't get a present!!!

    If you missed it, you missed a great breakfast gathering at Whistle Stop in Titusville on September 6, 2008. You also missed a free gift… Yes it will remain a mystery until you come and join us for breakfast.  It is always nice to visit with friends and “family”.

    Those in attendance included, Larry Cruce, George and Ruth Merklinger, Keith Kiser, Amos Lewis and wife Linda.

    Remember, all you have to do is check-out the upper right hand corner of the website, www.dctimewatchers.com  and click on breakfast to see the date, place and time.  We meet the first Saturday of each month, with very few exceptions, but the most up to date information is on the website for location and times.

    Spotlight - Dave Hemme

    October 1, 2008

    DAVE HEMME was born and grew up in the New York City area. After a stint in the Marine Corp, Dave received his bachelor’s degree from the University of New York and his Master’s in Education from the University of Illinois. Dave taught in public schools in the Rochester area and at Brentwood Public Schools in Long Island, New York. In 1967, Dave, his wife Ann and their sons, Bill, Bob & Paul moved to Pompano Beach Florida to pursue a position in education in the Sunshine state.

    DAVE HEMME JOINED THE DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS AS A Part time Teacher at Pompano Road Prison #39 IN 1968, to supplement a counselor’s salary with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. The Division of Vocational Rehab sent Dave a letter ordering him and another DVR part time teacher to resign and quit working at the prison.  Then Director of Corrections, Louie Wainwright stepped to the plate and supported Dave and his coworker to no avail.  So instead of resigning from the prison, Dave resigned from DVR and accepted a full time teacher position at Glades Correctional Institution in the fall of 1968.  In 1970 Dave was promoted to Education Supervisor at DeSoto CI., which was just starting out as a Youthful Offender facility. Dave’s warden at DCI was Jim Brown Godwin. In 1972, Dave was promoted to Assistant Superintendent at FCI working for Annabell Mitchell, Superintendent. By 1973, The Department was realizing the need to develop and train staff, specifically Correctional Officers . So in the spring of 1973, Dave was asked to accept an assignment at Raiford to start a 160 hour staff training program. The program was given the old Admin building of FSP, which later became UCI. Dave stayed as the Director of the Department’s Staff Training Institute for twelve years.  In 1985, Dave was appointed Superintendent of Indian River CI. Dave moved to Mayo CI in 1992 and then to Brevard in 1993, where he remained until he retired in 1998 completing a 30 year correctional career, which followed a 10 year teaching career in the public school systems, primarily in his home state of New York. 

    As a Superintendent, Dave led by example. He was always approachable and concerned.  He always looked at a positive perspective and valued loyalty and hard working staff.

    Dave is an innovative thinker and while at Brevard, he developed relationships with local agencies, community action groups, expanded our footprint to positively impact our community. Dave’s efforts introduced many of us to the concept of community involvement for the very first time, as an employee family. 

    Since retiring, Dave and Barbara, spend their time bowling, twice a week, golf once a week, attending movies and some travel including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Jamaica along with a few cruises. Dave has remained active in his volunteer work at Crosswinds Youth Services until June 30, 2008, when he retired from the Board of Directors, however still remains somewhat active with the organization. Dave is an active member (for over 20 years) of the Asbury United Methodist Church of Vero Beach. Dave and Barbara were married at the Asbury UMC in November 1991.

    If you wish to catch up with Dave, plan on attending one of our GET2GETHERS as he is Charter member of the organization. He can be found at our gatherings when at all possible.  We truly appreciate the support and participation that Dave brings to our group and value his service and experience.

    When reflecting on his career, Dave shares, “I am very, very, grateful for all the opportunities the Department extended to me during my career. I was always amazed at how well they treated this old yankee. I never had a bad assignment or one that I disliked. It was fun.”

  • Spotlight - Joyce Geiger

    September 1, 2008

    In 1999, the Department restructured and Joyce was appointed as a regional Senior Personnel Manager serving all facilities in Region III.  Joyce handled payroll and benefits.  Joyce was always available to help those of us who had questions or needed guidance during career events and it was always like calling a friend.

    In November 2007, Joyce decided to retire from the Department and pursue other interests. Since then, Joyce accepted a position with the Volusia Health Department as the Human Resources Director, but will decide whether to go full time retirement after June of 2009 or still remain a “part time” retiree.   Joyce and her husband, Steve has been working on a 65 foot Catamaran boat to bring it up to comfortable seaworthiness.  You may not know that Joyce lived on a wooden hull sailboat for quite a while and truly loves the water. 

    Joyce has been visiting family and traveling some, since leaving the department. She just returned from a family visit to the pacific northwest and in the upcoming future, Joyce and her sisters will be visiting Italy for a holiday.  Without a doubt, retirement is much more fun than work.

    Joyce is a charter member of the DC TimeWatchers  group and supports our activities. Joyce attends every event she can.  If you want to catch up with Joyce, just plan on being a regular participant at our Get2Gethers and you will. 

    Remember that the best way to stay up with our activities as a group of DC retirees, is to visit our website at www.dctimewatchers.com.  That is how Joyce keeps up on our events, why shouldn’t you.

  • Spotlight - George Lee

    August 1, 2008

    George retired with the United States Air Force as a Master Sergeant, E-7 in April 1967 stationed at the Pentagon. George enjoyed semi -retirement till January 16, 1976 when hired on as a Correctional Officer at Brevard CI.  George’s professional military experience and abilities resulted in him being promoted to Personnel Manager at Brevard in December 1976.  Most remember George as the Personnel Manager, who hired most of us “new” guys and always was there to help in any way he could.  George and his wife Margaret lived many years in staff housing and were neighbors as much as coworkers to just about anyone who came into contact with them.

    George retired from the Department of Corrections on April 24, 1995 and he and Margaret moved to Palm Bay, where they currently reside.  George is enjoying his much deserved second retirement. George is a volunteer at the “Seniors at Lunch” program in his community and enjoys his involvement in this organization.

    George faithfully attends all Get2Gethers if at all possible and as always is there to support the DC TimeWatchers’ group.  George was a mentor for many of us and we value him as one of our charter DC TimeWatcher members. 

    Remember, if you want to catch up with George, mark October 10, 2008 on your calendar and plan to be at our FALL GET2GETHER PICNIC at Tom Statham County Park located on the riverside of US1 just south of Titusville across US1 from the entrance of Space Coast Executive Airport (old Tico entrance)  It begins at about 11:30am (don’t forget to bring your lawn chair).  

    George doesn’t do the computer, however, he loves to hear from DC TimeWatcher friends and invites calls as his number can be found on the web on AnyWho.com or in the phone directory under Margaret’s name.

    Spotlight - Jim Johnson

    July 1, 2008

    In 1976, Jim Johnson was working on his post grad studies at FTU (Currently UCF) after his service in the Army, when he received a phone call from Tom Dowling wanting to know if he was interested in a job as a Medical Technician at Brevard CI.  Jim decided that he wanted a break from his studies at least a semester and took the job being one of the first three Med Techs hired for Brevard CI.  To this day Jim has no idea how Tom Dowling got his name or number to call him.

    Jim served as a Med Tech from 1976 till 1980. In 1980 Jim was promoted to Vocational Placement Counselor at Cocoa CCC and in 1982 was promoted to Classification Officer returning to Brevard Main Unit.  Jim remained at Brevard where in 1987 he was promoted to Classification Specialist II and in 1989 Jim took the reigns as Classification Supervisor.  In 1995 Jim was selected as the Assistant Warden at Indian River Correctional Institution where he served until he retired.

    Since retiring, Jim has at least one strict rule, GOLF at least twice a week.  That’s it. 

    Jim remains very involved with VFW POST 8116, where he has been past Post Commander three previous times and having been recipient of several honors during his involvement in the VFW. Jim is also on the Board of Directors of the Brevard Community College Legacy Project, along with other community projects he has supported through his years in the community.

    Jim lives in Merritt Island with his wife, Thelma and 2 sons. He is enjoying his retirement.

    Jim would love to hear from any of his old friends so please don’t hesitate to drop him an email at jjohnson109@cfl.rr.com.  Of course if you want to catch up with Jim plan to attend one of our GET2GETHERS, as he attends them faithfully. 

    Did you know......
    May 17, 2008

    Many of you don’t know, but the DC TimeWatchers also are classroom “grandparents” to the elementary program (2nd grade) at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind. Our little friends of the 2nd grade named the last litter of Bloodhounds born at Brevard CI last year and we hope to soon have the photos of the class working on that project in our photo albums section.  Although, the parents and school administrators provide well for all classes, sometimes a little tlc care package(s) arrive to sweeten up a seasonal party or provide reward gifts for their “store”.  Whatever the need, we are a part of their class activities as needed. If you want to be more involved in support of this activity, please email us at dctimewatchers@yahoo.com and let us know. We will include you in any needs that we are working on for the class in the future.  If you want to check out current events in the 2nd grade classroom, visit the website at : http://teachers.fsdb.k12.fl.us/%7Ekasparj/

    June Breakfast

    June 7, 2008

    We had nineteen (19) in attendance, including John & Jackie Shearer, Ruth & George Merklinger from Lake County, John Cummings, George Murphy from Ga., Maria & Tom Komon & Alex, Uwe Schwersensky, Bernie Elvin, Bob Cope from New Zealand, Richard Puglio, Larry Cruce, Keith & Kathie Kiser, Jack & Dottie Phillips.  What a nice time we had.  Bob Cope will be stateside taking care of some personal business and visiting family through this month and then head back to New Zealand where he currently lives.

    I believe I have talked Bob into contributing to our newsletter with information about living "down under" and the adventures it offers, just in case anyone wants to take a plunge at adventure, New Zealand style. 


    Spotlight - Ted Johnson

    June 1, 2008

    Ted Johnson hired on with the Department of Corrections in 1972 as an Instructor in the print shop at Raiford, Florida where he worked at UCI’s printing plant, supervising inmate workers.  Ted lived in Melbourne where his wife, Elizabeth worked with Southern Bell. Ted stayed in the BOQ  at UCI and returned home on weekends.  In 1974 Cocoa Work Release opened and Ted was promoted to Correctional Counselor at Cocoa, allowing him to return to his home county to work.  In 1976 Brevard CI opened and Ted was promoted to Sergeant at Brevard where he worked all shifts and spent many years on First Shift including acting OIC before his retirement in 1985. Just after retiring, Ted had quadruple bypass heart surgery and in 1986 returned to BCI and worked in the Mail Room until he again retired in 1992.

    Ted remained an active volunteer during his working years with the Boy Scouts of America. He was recipient of two Adult Leadership awards known as the “Silver Beaver” which is the highest honor that can bestowed upon an adult leader involved in the scouting program. 

    Ted and Elizabeth spent the next five years traveling across the Continental United States in an RV, visiting each of the contiguous 48 states.  Ted and Elizabeth are still involved in volunteer  service through the Emmanuel Methodist Church in Melbourne, where they work with the “Angel Food Ministry” 

    Ted has recently has had several surgeries, but is on the road to recovery. He and Elizabeth are active in attending our GET2GETHERS and are looking forward to seeing you at our next one!  


    Spotlight - Richard J. Puglio

    May 1, 2008

    This spotlight is on Richard J. Puglio, who served Brevard CI from 1978 till his retirement in 2000, serving the Department of Corrections for 22 years.  Richard retired as a Lieutenant assigned to the Work Camp, but spending about as much time as OIC at the Main Unit.  Richard is also a proud retired member of the UNITED STATES ARMY retiring as a citizen soldier after his last combat assignment during the first Persian Gulf War. Richard retired as a Staff Sergeant in the reserve in 1993 after returning from the middle-east.

    Since Rich’s DC retirement he volunteers with the Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 49, currently serving as a Staff Officer.  He enjoys his work with the Coast Guard and is anxious to resume regular duties with them. 

    Richard is successfully recovering from major cancer surgery on 3/21/08 and hopefully will be able to return to duty status with the CG very soon.  Rich attended our Spring Get2Gether on April 4, 2008 just out of Moffitt about a week.  This past week he received a great report from his surgeon’s from Moffitt Cancer Hospital in Tampa and is ready to get back to full speed. 

    Rich is a charter member of the TIMEWATCHERS, having been a working part of every function.  He is always behind the scenes, especially at our annual picnic helping with the shopping and set up of the pavilion. Rich has always been there when he is needed, regardless of the task and difficulty you can count on him to be ready and present to make a difference. 

    Rich is not hard to find, his number is in the phone book and he can be located at every DC TIMEWATCHER’S GET2GETHER.

    Retirement? It Just Seems Like I Started There Yesterday!

    May 1, 2008

    My, thirty years flies by when you’re having as much fun as I have had over the years at Brevard.  Here I am ready or not, retiring in less than 30 days. I am reeling with all the incidentals of wrapping up my career and feel conflicted and excited at the same time.

    Thanks to my fellow TimeWatchers my anxiety has been much reduced. You have made the issues much easier. I think that we will have to tap into all your experiences as TimeWatchers and invite our new members as they reach this point in their careers an opportunity to reach out and ask you to share your experiences.  If you are approaching retirement and would like to ask any questions of others who have already been through the process, don’t hesitate to email us with your questions.

    I also appreciate the kind folks in Personnel in Region 3 Office for all their expertise and direction in making this as easy as falling off a log. We hope to see many of you soon at our TimeWatcher gatherings.

    To all my still working friends, thank you for all the words of encouragement, “Find something you love to do.” “Set a routine and do it daily.”  “Do what you want to do.” “Get another job” (Oh, that was my wife’s).

    I look forward to my new endeavor 

    Keith Kiser

    Spring Get2Gether

    April 4, 2008

    We had 67 attendees at our Spring Get2Gether and everyone had a great time. First timers include Danny Clayton, Fletch & Cindy Morgan, Val Lourdes, Erica (Thomas) Hahn, Linda Patricks, Napoleon Dubois, Terry & Alfreda Lollie, Tommy Knight &  George Harrison, Jr.

    Our major travelers included Joni Brooks from upper state New York and George and Carolyn Murphy from South Georgia.  Our longest traveler, Bob Cope could not make it due to the death of his mother in Alabama, he sends his best to all as we keep him and his family in our thoughts and prayers during this time.  Bob hails from New Zealand….

    It was great to see everyone. Dixie Crossroads was very hospitable and provided us their large Manatee dining room and provided a $20.00 gift certificate for our retiree door prize drawing. As always we gave away five-$20.00 door prizes, a $20.00 gift certificate for Dixie, tickets for 2 for a dinner & show. The big winner of the $105.00 50/50 drawing was retiree John Shearer.

    For those who missed it, the Get2Gether luncheon was the largest gathering we have had, so plan now to help us beat the grand total by a bunch. Put OCTOBER 10, 2008 down as the date of our FALL GET2GETHER at Tom Statham Park located on US 1 just South of Titusville.  That’s right I have reserved the big pavilion for 10/10/08 and our annual picnic is set.

    As a reminder we meet every month for breakfast and May 3, 2008 we will have breakfast at IHOP located at I95 & SR50 at 9 a.m. We periodically change location, but will post all locations on the website every month to make sure you get to the right place.

    Spotlight - Butch Whidden

    March 2008


    Butch, a former warden at BCI, is now an agent with Capital Insurance Agency, Inc. covering Brevard County  and is a supporter of our TimeWatcher Group as well as a member. Butch and Capital sponsored our October 2007 GET2GETHER which was really appreciated. Butch is also an ACA auditor and travels all over the country participating in audits at facilities everywhere. Butch is very knowledgeable of the retirement process both as a consultant in his current profession, but as well as a DC retiree with many years in the management arena. Butch and his wife Linda retired in the Edgewood Community in South Orlando. If you want to talk to Butch or have any insurance or investment questions, he can be reached at his office at 1-800-416-1618.



    Check out www.geocaching.com

    It is a new activity that I am hearing more and more about. My son in law does it and I have to admit.  It is kind of cool..
    Using a gps device you search for hidden caches of items all over the world. document your finds and leave your name and info in the cache for evidence that you found it. It is amazing how many folks especially those retirees are out there "shaking down" for the finds...
    I have been out a couple of times and it is a good way to get outside and enjoy the out of doors.
    I think it may be of interest to those who are dabbling with new technologies or gps devices...



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