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Welcome to our website. We hope that you find it informative and entertaining. We would be honored to be a frequently visited page. Please help us, if you find any errors in our information or mislabeled pictures, share with us so that we can correct them. If you have any humorous stories or photographs about work or retirement, don’t hesitate to share those with us as well. We would love to post and share them with all DC TimeWatchers out there. If you need additional information or wish to contact us at DC TimeWatchers, we will do our very best to respond and help if we can.


As we grow, we hope to expand our website and information including DC TimeWatcher products and other services to our membership including links that may be of interest for our group.

If you are interested in starting a DC TimeWatchers Group for your immediate area, please email us at dctimewatchers@yahoo.com and we will help you in any way possible.  We proudly have links to other DC TimeWatchers Groups  right on our site. So look us over and if you don’t see one for your community and are interested in developing one, let us know!

We are so excited to see other DC TimeWatchers Groups starting and we are striving to assist them in any way possible.  We are pleased that they are part of our group and wish to use our DC TimeWatcher logo with their area location as an identity for their website and group. Each individual group’s website will share local activities and information that is of specific for their immediate area.  Post articles and focus on local retiree’s accomplishments, activities and hobbies as well as other interest items. While DC TimeWatchers name is in use, local content of the website is the responsibility of the group coordinator or committee of that specific group.  DC TimeWatchers may request content review, but is not responsible for any content posted on any specific associated group’s websites other than www.dctimewatchers.com.

Who are we?

We are retired, vested, in-drop senior staff who has satisfactorily and proudly served the citizens of the state of Florida in the Department of Corrections. We served in capacities from Data Entry, Correctional Officers, Classification, Education, Counseling, Medical Services, Central Stores, Laundry, Business Affairs, Personnel, Recreation, Chaplaincy Services and Administration. We are survivors of our occupation and realize that the folks with whom we served and shared our experiences with became as important to our commitment and survival as we were to them.     

What is our Purpose?

Our primary purpose is to facilitate fellowship and to maintain personal ties with all we shared our lives with. Through our relationships we build knowledge of benefits, opportunities and explore our strength in numbers. There are no fees or dues. It is our posture that we have paid our dues. We are dedicated to providing quality opportunities for fellowship at nominal or no expense to our membership.

What do we have to do to belong?

Are you a senior employee of the Florida Department of Corrections in any capacity or any location, who is vested? Then you belong to our organization. We encourage you to do these things to belong: 1. Visit our website regularly, 2. Come and participate in our activities, bring your significant other, wife or guest and enjoy being in a safe and comfortable atmosphere among friends and family. 4. Register on Facebook.com and then click groups and join our DC TimeWatchers Group on Facebook. Make sure you list where you work(ed) and how many years you have served in your profile. Don’t worry this is not a public site. Only retirees, senior staff and personnel are approved for membership in this group. We look forward to seeing you there.

Please email your personal information, facilities worked at and retired from with years of service along with email contact information to be added to our database. You will be added to our email notices of activities and opportunities.

Can we benefit by being a member?

We hope to show the interest in our organization by building this statewide and even expanding to all State of Florida Retirees. There is power in numbers and votes.  We hope to develop a focus to improve our lives as retired public servants, especially in the areas of health subsidy benefits and insurance costs as well as other benefits. We hope to expand our knowledge and experience through links to websites and information that is of interest to us as retirees.

What does it Cost $$

Costs incurred to our activities and information systems are paid for strictly through donations to and by our TimeWatcher group. While we don’t solicit dues and fees, if you wish to help support the mission of our group, you may do so by contacting us at:  DCTimeWatchers@yahoo.com and we will provide you that information.

Purpose & Activities

We are about positive relationships. In retirement, we have no ranks or titles. We go by first names and we smile about the good times. We network and learn about what busies our lives and fills our time and wallets. We have an opportunity to share and support one another through retirement times.

DC TimeWatchers are the unofficial “Grandparents” of a specific class of elementary children at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind. Please see the Photo Album for pictures of previous class activities. We support these great kids by supplying goodies, classroom needs, supplies and whatever including moral support for activities and parties and seasonal celebrations as we can.  If you wish to support and contribute, contact Keith Kiser at keith@dctimewatchers.com for additional information.

Here at DC TimeWatchers we want to outreach to our new folks coming on line at facilities, so we encourage contact and participation with new recruits entering the profession. At Brevard we strive to meet and greet our future members by hosting a lunch/cookout for each academy class at the local training campus sometime during their academy. This has a great impact on both the retirees who put it together and the new recruits who get to meet them.

Here in Brevard county……as they periodically change. The information for the locations of activities and times also can be found on this website. 

Our website is for our members and we welcome you to participate, we focus on the positive. It is about the future that we have and the “good times” that we shared.

We are about positive relationships. In retirement, we have no ranks or titles. We go by first names and we smile about the good times. We network and learn about what busies our lives and fills our time and wallets. We have an opportunity to share and support one another through retirement times.

Here in Brevard County, we meet for a monthly breakfast the first Saturday of each month at a designated restaurant at 9:00 am. If you are in the area or plan to be on the first Saturday, we would love to have you join us for breakfast.  Just email us for the location and directions as they periodically change. 

Our other primary social functions occur in April and October of each year and they are referred to as our Spring and Fall GET2GETHERS.  Our Spring activity is usually a dutch-treat luncheon hosted at a restaurant with enough room to accommodate groups of 50 or more and our Fall activity is usually a picnic at a local county park with a large pavilion and restroom facilities close by. Our picnic usually calls for a minimal cost of about $5.00 per retiree and still working folks; however retirees may bring a guest at no charge. Still working types pay $5.00 each. Often still employed senior staff at Brevard, volunteer to assist in the registration, photography, cooking and socializing for these events.  At each of our two GET2GETHERS, we conduct cash door prize drawings for our retirees only and a 50/50 CASH DRAWING for everyone to participate in, so we encourage you always to bring a few extra dollars to be able to have a chance on some cool cash.

Other fellowship opportunities periodically pop up and may include (depending on the posture of the current administration of the Institution) Facility anniversary celebrations, Institutional employee appreciation breakfasts, Christmas Parties, Company picnics and other events that is afforded to working staff. When these opportunities are extended, we do our best to post and email all folks registered with us. We will now use the web site to announce such opportunities

Some History about TimeWatchers

This organization was started July 20, 2003 with primarily staff from Brevard CI and has organized and sponsored two major GET2GETHERS a year along with monthly breakfasts, special events and facility linked activities every year since we began. Our Gatherings have been attended by retirees of all departments and levels, senior staff who worked at many of the following but not limited to : Regional Offices, CFRC, FSP, BREVARD, IRCI, FT. PIERCE WRC, COCOA WRC, P&P,  UNION, HARDEE, MARTIN, CHARLOTTE, GCI, SCI, APCI, SFRC, TCI, DCI, MADISON CI and others. We would love for you to join our list of Family who attend our functions. In April 2008, with the assistance of a team of dedicated retirees, we launched our website,  www.dctimewatchers.com.  In 2009 we are fostering our first annex to the DC TimeWatchers Family with our new born group located in the vicinity of LIBERTY CI. Their website along with all new DC TimeWatchers groups can be found on our site, www.dctimewatchers.com Visit our first expansion group at their site www.DCTIMEWATCHERS-NORTH@netfirms.com and welcome to our “family”.

Thanks again for visiting our site.


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