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November 1, 2010

Steven J. Pelehach was born and raised in Nanticoke Pennsylvania, a small coal mining town, a son of a coal miner, whose parents died at a young age. Steve promised his dad that he would not work in the mines and just after graduation in 1954, Steve entered the U.S. Air Force.  Steve lost his dad a year later to Black Lung followed not so many years by his mom who passed with a heart attack.  Steve’s sister still lives in the old home place, like most rural folks, she loves their home, family and friends and rarely move away.

Within ten years of joining the military, Steve was stationed at Otis Air Force Base in Cape Cod Mass, where he met his lovely wife, Carolyn at a USO dance. They were married and immediately started a family with three children, one right after the other. Although times were hard financially, both Steve and Carolyn enjoyed those early years with three children in diapers on an airman ‘s pay.  Once they were out of diapers, it was hand-me-downs and living on meals of popcorn, beans and hotdogs during those good years.

After moving around over a twenty year period, Steve & Carolyn ended up stationed at Patrick AFB for his last 2 years.  After retiring in 1978, Steve and Carolyn applied for positions open at Sears. Carolyn got hired and worked for Sears for the following twenty years and Steve got a part time gig with the Retail store.  While working for Sears, part time Steve heard that a prison in Sharpes were hiring and he applied. Steve’s first surprise was that you didn’t carry a gun, but after getting the hang of the job quickly understood why.  Steve started at BCI in 1978. His first uniform was his blue Air Force pants and shirt. The institution didn’t immediately give you uniforms, till they saw you were going to hang in there on the job. Steve received a uniform shortly, man was he happy, except the stripes on the pant legs were crooked and one sleeve of the shirts were shorter than the other, but he had those uniforms to wear. Steve watched people come and go and thought it was unusual that women were not there (yet) but they came along and found their way into the job over the next few years.  Steve was a mentor to not only staff, but to Inmates as well.  His maturity and good natured common sense was always a resource to supervisors and fellow staff.  Steve worked everywhere at one time or another over the next 22 years, regular dorms, confinement, warehouse, dining hall and recreation.  Even before extended day operations, Steve used pushups, and motivation exercises to teach and manage Inmates under his charge. He mixed good humor and fair mindedness to communicate effectively and always displayed the potential to do good and succeed to the inmates he came in to contact with. He knows that because of many of the senior staff and their fair treatment of inmates at Brevard that there were many young lives changed to the better.

Steve Retired in 2000 after some good times with good friends at Brevard. Steve considers himself “retired-retired” and enjoys it immensely.  Steve gardens part time to keep himself limbered up. He and Carolyn love and enjoy their seven grandkids, as well as the baseball games at the Space Coast Stadium with a beer or two.  Steve and Carolyn are charter members of our group and can be found at every gathering they are able to attend of the DC TimeWatchers.  If you wish to give Steve a shoutout, plan to join us at one of our functions or send him an email at  spelehach@aol.com

DC TimeWatchers hosts Lunch for Corrections Academy 10C3

On Monday November 22, 2010, the DC TimeWatchers retiree/senior staff group hosted a lunch for Florida DC staff attending the Corrections Academy at Brevard Community College.  Richard Puglio spearheaded the effort by being the chief cook and hammered out a great lunch of dogs and burgers for the Corrections Class 10C3. Frank Ramos and Keith Kiser both DC retirees enjoyed Richard's efforts as well and hanging out with the new DC folks. 

The class provided some delicious side dishes and a big bowl of banana pudding  and extras which made the meal great. 

No one left hungry!!!

Click to pics to view

Mrs. Kaspar's 2nd Grade Class at the Florida School for the Deaf, celebrated the last day of school before Halloween & Fall Festivities over the weekend and beginning of November, enjoying treats and such provided by the DC TimeWatchers.  In the photo, the guys are modeling their new attractive eye glasses provided by the group along with sweet treats, hot wheel racers and other goodies. Fall festivities are some of the best times!

Click to pics to view

Fall Get2Gether a Great Success

Our Fall Get2Gether on October 15, 2010, was one of the best yet.  We had perfect weather, a great crowd and plenty of burgers, dogs and side dishes along with dessert and beverages.  Special thanks to Pete Baillargeon, John Shearer, Pat Peterson, Kathy Senter, Linda Patricks, Richard Puglio, Chris Tapper, Robert Wilson, Lori Guy and Larry Cruce for coming out and helping in so many ways to make the event a success.

We ended up with a total of 60 DC TimeWatchers and it was great seeing everyone. Some special folks also was with us. Our Senior DC TimeWatcher, Robert L. Smith who is 90 this year came and joined us with his brother E.J., Bill & Carol Rickenbrode popped in from Kansas for the activity, George Murphy from South Georgia made it as well. First time GET2GETHER visitors included Jaime Moore, Rod Groom, Matt Groom, Stephanie West (who won the 50/50 $90.00), Dale & Keith Young were among the many others who made this one of our best GET2GETHERS.

We will be posting picts, so check them out and plan to leave the Fridays open on your social schedule in the month of April 2011 for our SPRING GET2GETHER LUNCHEON, (we are planning for it already).  Check out our photos in the Album when they get posted and plan to attend the next one!!!!!  

Don't forget if you haven't joined our facebook group, it is easy and we love to see our numbers grow every month. It is fun and easy to keep up with you dc friends. For those who just don't want to join, we will still be staying in touch with the emails, just like always and of course through the website: www.dctimewatchers.com   

Thanks again for everyone of you who support and participates in our activities and to those who will be joining us as well.  If you would like to help out or would like to suggest activities or ideas, it is simple, just hit the contact us button on the website and we will get back to you.  We hope to have some very new things up for review shortly and would love feedback.  Remember, a Friday in April 2011, will be our next SPRING GET2GETHER. We will let you know the date when it is confirmed, so keep the Fridays open on those social calendars.




October 2, 2010

Hey Everyone,

It was great seeing everyone at the DCTW First Saturday Breakfast Club in October.  Had a great time visiting and hanging out at Denny's!  Those in attendance included Keith Kiser, Larry Cruce, Pat Peterson, Amos Lewis, John & Jackie Shearer, George & Ruth Merklinger, Jim Harper & E.J. Smith. If you missed it, go ahead and right now mark Saturday November 6, 2010 on your calendar for the DCTW First Saturday Breakfast at Denny's in Titusville at 9:00 AM.  Please Check out the picts and plan to add to the fun next month.  PS.  DON'T FORGET FRIDAY OCTOBER 15, 2010 AND OUR GET2GETHER AT TOM STATHAM COUNTY PART STARTING AT 11:45 AM.  Check out our website for details,  www.dctimewatchers.com

An interesting site sent to us by Curtis Davis:


Many of our Florida Representatives voted to take our HEALTH INSURANCE SUBSIDY (HIS) AWAY FROM  US this past legislative session.

Please click on the link below to view the listed Florida Representatives who voted to take our HEALTH INSURANCE SUBSIDY AWAY FROM ALL STATE OF FLORIDA RETIREES.  Please tell every Florida Retiree to visit our website and note whether their Representative is on this list...and vote accordingly.    ALL NAMES OF REPRESENTATIVES CURRENTLY IN OFFICE WHO VOTED TO STRIP US OF OUR H.I.S. are LISTED BELOW on this link.

Representatives that voted to take away our HIS


The DC TimeWatchers group on facebook warmly

welcomes new members who joined within the last couple of months.

September, 2010







Group on facebook. It is easy and a great place to
stay in touch with both still working and retired
friends from the Florida Department of Corrections.


September 4, 2010

Hey Everyone,

We had a great crowd at the DCTW FIRST SATURDAY BREAKFAST for September.  Those in attendance were FIRST TIMERS Charlie Cummings & Lisa Thompson Spence!  Regulars and veteran breakfast attendees include, Allen Spence, Keith & Kathie Kiser, Steve & Carolyn Pelehach, Larry Cruce, Richard Puglio, John Cummings, David Amstadt, Pat Peterson, Amos Lewis & E.J. Smith. It was great having two first time breakfast club members and catching up with all the news.  Please check out the pictures and plan to join us on the First Saturday Breakfast on October 2, 2010 at the Denny's in the Ramada Inn, Titusville at 9:00am.  It is so good to see all our friends and catch up on all the news.

Click on pictures to enlarge


September 2010

Capt. Sam Nattile, Paul Reynolds, Capt. Paul Biecker

DC TimeWatchers wish to congratulate the recent promotions at Brevard CI.

LIEUTENANT Tina Ledftwich Daft
SERGEANT Curtis Glenn
SERGEANT Donna Barnes
SERGEANT Linda Hamilton
SERGEANT Robert Scarborough
SERGEANT Angel Vargas
SERGEANT Raul Escobedo
SERGEANT Debbie Sykes
SERGEANT Kimberly Hall
SERGEANT Jason Evans
SERGEANT Nina Gransden
SERGEANT Robert Prince
SERGEANT Michael Redfern

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AUGUST 7, 2010

We had a great breakfast on Saturday August 7, 2010. We had 19 DC TimeWatchers show up and Denny’s did a great job.  No one left hungry and what a good visit we enjoyed.  Those in attendance included, Allen Spence, Steve & Carolyn Pelehach, Pat Peterson, Cynthia & Fletcher Morgan, Jackie & John Shearer, Richard & Carol Ward, George & Ruth Merklinger, E.J. Smith, Richard Rogers, Jack & Dottie Phillips, John Cummings, Richard Puglio and Keith Kiser.

I believe we talked about everything from all the doctors/hospitals we liked to motorcycles, guns, restaurants, vacations, campers and our friends who could not be there because of health issues.. We shared phone numbers and updates on folks we haven’t heard from in a while and jawed about everything in the middle.  It was a good time. 

If you missed the first breakfast this month, you missed a nice one. You can get in on the next one though by marking Saturday September 4, 2010 on your calendar and plan to be at the DENNY’S located in the Ramada Inn on Highway 50 in Titusville ¼ mile east of the intersection of I95/SR50 on the left side.  It starts at 9:00am.  Hope to see you there!


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June 2010

Uwe Schwersensky was born in Berlin Germany on October 4, 1934.  Ski, his brother & sister grew up in Germany during one of the most difficult times of the 20th century. Ski’s father was a social worker and at the beginning of the War and had to leave his job as he was identified by the government as a half-Jew. His entire family was subject to arrest and detention if found. His father’s boss tipped his father of the situation and helped Ski’s dad by employing him as a courier delivering movies to theaters all over the Berlin area. His dad’s boss had taken a post as a movie distributor and was within the loop of information about SS and other police efforts to round up those persons identified as enemies of the state,( as movies and propaganda were very important and valuable and were moved in liaison with such activity), which was ongoing throughout the war in the Berlin metropolitan area.  Ski’s father’s boss would have him move his family when information would be provided of police action in the area where the Schwersensky’s lived.  Ski said that they moved so many times from Berlin, to Saxony, to East Prussia and then again to Berlin always in advance of a sweep in each section.    

The Schwesensky family was blessed to have all survived this terrifying existence, coupled by the constant allied bombing, ongoing sweeps by the secret police, and finally near the end of the war the shaking and rumbling of Russian tanks roaring down the streets in front of the family home entering Berlin.  Ski related that they spent so much time in the fortified deep basements during these periods, but were thankful for surviving the War.

Ski first came to the United States as a teen exchange student in 1952 and was hosted his senior year of high school in Bucks county Pennsylvania where he graduated in 1953. He returned to Germany as his student visa had expired. In 1955 Ski returned to the United States to become a citizen and joined the United States Air Force where he completed basic and Tech school graduating as a USAF photographer.  Just after finishing Tech School in 1956, Ski was sent to West Germany through 1960. In 1960 he returned to the US working at White sands test range. Ski was then moved to Denver, CO. where he was injured in an auto accident and after recovering he was sent to school and certified as a master - Instructor and taught class sections in skills in developing and handling of high altitude recon films and camera systems.  In 1966, Ski volunteered for Viet Nam and served in Saigon as a Photography support in recon. Ski was awarded the Bronze Star during his participation and action during the Tet offensive.   In 1969, Ski was sent to Japan TDY Okinawa along with the SR71 aircraft.  In 1972, Ski was sent to cross training in Hawaii, as the SR 71 program was ending for him and he became a Security Police Officer and was a “cop” for the next couple of years.  By 1979, Ski was returned to the US and stationed in Michigan and was preparing to retire. His wife’s sister lived in Cocoa and checked the local job market, along with Patrick AFB being near; Titusville was a good choice for a place to live.  As a result of Ski’s sister in laws efforts, George Lee (also an USAF retiree) a new Personnel Officer at a newer prison located in the rural community of Sharpes, Florida called Ski and asked if he would like to come to Florida to work and in 1979, Uwe Schwersensky started his career as a Correctional Officer with the Florida Department of Corrections.  Ski worked the Main Unit (mostly the third shift) as well as opened the Work Camp in 1990 and then before retiring finished up at the Main Unit. Sergeant Schwersky could always be counted on and was a valuable asset to his shift.  Ski worked from 1979 till he retired in 1997.

Ski is very proud of his family of 4 girls and 1 boy. The girls, one living in Port St. John, one in Oklahoma, two in Denver and a Son in California are all doing well and visit as often as possible giving Grandpa a chance at spoiling those grand and great grand children.

Ski enjoys yard selling, computer work and repair, Get2Gethers and our face-book group.  If you want to catch up with Uwe (Ski) all you have to do is join our group on face-book or plan to attend one of our activities and you will find him there. Ski is a Charter Member of our DC TimeWatchers group and his loyalty to our group as well as his participation in our events has helped make our efforts a success. 

If you want to give Ski a shout out and aren’t part of our facebook group, hurry up and join, but you can also email him at uweschwersensky@yahoo.com


JUNE 2010

The DC TimeWatchers hosted the Corrections Academy Class lunch for 10C1 on June 7, 2010.  The DCTW Group hosts a lunch (cookout) for every BCC Corrections Academy with Fl. DOC recruits. It is a way for our group to outreach and support our new staff of professional Correctional Officers on their first leg of their careers. The DC TimeWatchers always has a good turnout of members to help prepare and feed the class.  Our main man on the grill was Richard Puglio, 22 years. He schedules his busy life around our cookout lunches and is always the chief cook for this frequent event.  Also supporting operations on the lunch is Retiree Frank Ramos, 20 years (also the Firearms Coordinator for the BCC Institute of Public Safety), Lori Girard Retiree (now fulltime) 29 years of service and Keith Kiser, Retiree 30 years. Sergeant Mike Walsmith, still working DCTW member along with Sergeant George M. Harrison, Lieutenant Robert Wilson and Captain Don Tapper.  The DCTW’s appreciate Brevard’s Colonel Rob Lowe and Recruiter Vashon Berry for joining us in our luncheon for the recruits.

Class 10C1 consists of 22 DC employees, 10 BCSO Officers and 3 self paid recruits.  The class is BIG and one of the most disciplined and cooperative groups according to every Instructor we have talked to. Their graduation is July 15, 2010 and DCTW Keith Kiser has been asked and honored to be their graduation guest speaker.  During our luncheon, the entire class came together and presented Range Director and DCTW member Frank Ramos with a beautiful plaque for his guidance and help during their firearms phase of the class. They also extended a heartfelt thank you to all members of the DCTW group who sponsors the lunch for the recruits. Also special thanks for the support of Melissa Walker, Corrections Coordinator who also joined us for the event and was instrumental in scheduling this opportunity.  Please check out our photographs of the DCTW Crew and the event.

Click pictures to enlarge!



July 3, 2020

Eleven DC TimeWatchers showed up and enjoyed breakfast together at the Whistle Junction Restaurant in Titusville on July 3rd.  Those in attendence included, George & Ruth Merklinger, Jackie & John Shearer (John just got released from the hospital following a heart attack and is doing well), Larry Cruce, Richard Puglio, John Cummings, E.J. Smith, Uwe Schwersensky, Kathie & Keith Kiser. 

We enjoyed good company and a good breakfast selection. Allen Spence is off on a BMW motorcycle ride to Oregon for a rally and we wish him a safe journey and full report with pictures of that new nifty phone by the time he comes home here in a few days.

Don't forget to mark Saturday August 7, 2010 on your calendar to join us next month at our FIRST SATURDAY DCTW BREAKFAST.

Click pictures to enlarge:

Great Breakfast Gathering on Saturday June 5, 2010

June 5, 2010

FIRST SATURDAY BREAKFAST was GREAT.  Who says the summer is slow for activities. We had 17 DC TimeWatchers in attendance at Whistle Junction and everyone had a great time.  If you missed it you need to mark Saturday July 3, 2010 on your calendar right now and plan to join us at 9:00 am at Whistle Junction for our Next FIRST SATURDAY BREAKFAST.  Those in attendance included John Cummings, E.J. Smith, Allen Spence, Richard Puglio, Larry Cruce, Amos Lewis, Keith Kiser, FIRST TIMER- Pat Peterson, John & Jackie Shearer, Richard Lopresto, Larry Reed, George & Ruth Merklinger, Paul & Lorraine Thomas and guest James Kelley.  The food was good and everyone had a nice visit.  Much discussion about upcoming activities, trips and such were covered. On the one end of the table Larry had been up in Tennessee looking for property, Allen was still bragging about that new Jeep hardtop he brought last month and planning for his trip to the pacific NW on his BMW bike in a couple of weeks, Paul Thomas lost a new bag of clubs out of his truck somewhere on his way to play golf (close the tail-gate next time Paul!) also, Congrats to Paul Thomas, who will be officially retired on June 30, 2010, Pat Peterson who retired a few months ago,  and other “important” things was the subject up and down both ends of the table.  You will just have to come and be a part next month as there is just too much to listJ

A camera was remembered this time, so you can see who was there.

Click pictures to enlarge:

Spotlight - Robert L. Smith

April 1, 2010

R. L. Smith and his brother E. J. Smith (both DC TIMEWATCHERS) were born and raised near Fitzgerald Georgia. 

In 1937, R.L. Smith left home and joined the CCC and spent most of the following year building roads in the area of Eugene Oregon.  After which R.L. returned to Georgia, applied to the Army and spent quite a while waiting on a vacancy (At that time you couldn’t get in to the Army unless there was a vacancy). Finally, on 2/9/40 R.L. was sworn in to the US Army at Ft. Benning Ga.  For the next 20 years, 5 months and 23 days he served his nation. 

R.L. retired from the Army on 9/30/60 while living in Italy. He returned to the US initially settling in central Florida and taking a job as running the Kitchen at what was then a women’s prison near Ocala, but $300 a month was not enough for a married fellow with 2 kids in school.

He worked for the next little while for Pan American, downrange. After his time with Pan Am, R.L. returned to Mims, Florida, where his mom and dad had initially retired from Georgia. 

Once in Brevard County, he went to work in Civil Service at Patrick AFB where he served 11.5 years. He left on disability with a battle with cancer in 1975. After about a year, being a cancer survivor, R.L. again went back to Patrick hoping to return to work. Unfortunately his position was no longer available. 

So in 1976 R.L. Smith started to work at a brand new prison located in Sharpes, named BREVARD CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION in the Food Service Department.  R.L. became the standard for food service at Brevard CI. His extensive military expertise and good common sense was always an asset to the agency. He wielded that damned spatula like a light saber and moved those chow lines and taught inmate workers more than they could have learned at any college about food service.  “Go that way!” was a familiar line to those lingering in front of a server for any extra portions or favors. Smitty, as we all called him, became the Food Service Sergeant and later Vocational Food Service Instructor.   But he made it happen every day he walked in those gates.

Smitty transferred to Security and finished his career as the Security Officer in the Warehouse in 1987.

After retiring from Brevard, Smitty worked as a security officer for the USA newspaper in Melbourne for 8 years.  R.L. then retired and subsequently built a home in Maggie Valley NC. In 2000, Mrs. Smith, R.L.’s wife of 57 years passed away.  R.L. sold his home and moved into the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington DC. After about a year and a half, he decided to transfer to the Gulfport Mississippi location just in time for Hurricane Katrina and R.L. found himself without a place to live.  He moved to Lake City Florida where he lived temporarily with his sister.  R.L. became involved in the local Church and subsequently met his current wife, Bonnie Timrick. R.L. and Bonnie live outside of Lake City and enjoy the quiet pace of country living. 

R.L. shares that he has two great adult children, Mary Lou of Melbourne and Bob of Maggie Valley NC and two super Grand Daughters of whom he is extremely proud.  Of course his brother EJ, Sis and a whole group of extended “family” including the original crew of DC TimeWatchers with whom he served the State of Florida so well.  R.L. attends every GET2GETHER he can, so plan on attending and see if you can catch R.L. and the rest of the gang. 

May Breakfast

May 1, 2010

We had 13 at the table and a visit from 2 others with a grand total of 15 folks at our May 1st Breakfast at the Whistle Junction.  Those in attendance were Larry Cruce, Uwe Schwersensky, Amos Lewis, John & Jackie Shearer, Allen Spence, E.J. Smith, Richard Puglio, Tom & Sandi Fernstrom, Jack Cummings Jack Phillips, Keith Kiser and Visiting DC TimeWatchers, Judy & Mark Kuhns, who just happened upon us on our First Saturday breakfast.

Congratulations to Mark, who is still working, for his promotion to Colonel at CFRC. 

We had a great breakfast time and discussed plans for the upcoming CTI cookout and future activities for our Get2Gethers.  We hope to fine tune some opportunities to enhance our future Get2Gethers and discussed expanding our retiree membership.  These breakfasts are getting more interesting each time... Make sure you mark, Saturday June 5, 2010 on your calendar and plan to join us at the Whistle Junction Restaurant at 9am for our First Saturday Breakfast next month.



April 13, 2010







April Breakfast

April 3, 2010

We only had eight folks at breakfast on Saturday 4/3/10, but it was fun.  It is always great having a good breakfast with friends on the First Saturday of Each Month. Those in attendance were, Amos Lewis, James Kelley, Keith Kiser, Larry Cruce, George & Ruth Merklinger, Mike Waldsmith and E.J. Smith.  Make sure you mark Saturday May 1, 2010 on your calendar and be at the Whistle Junction Restaurant at 9:00 am to join us next month.


FSDB 2nd Grade Classroom experiment Progress

The DC TimeWatchers sponsors Mrs. Kaspar's 2nd grade class in the deaf elementary section of the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind.

"The DC TimeWatchers Group provided this experiment for the class and all the students are absolutely excited about their Butterflies". Those DCTW members Interested in following the class's progress in this Butterfly experiment can do so by clicking the link to join the "action". :)

 Check out our butterfly page! 

"Welcome Jack Andrew, Our newest DC TimeWatcher!"


Congratulations to proud parents, Stephen and Tonyia on the birth of their son, Jack at Winnie Palmer at 2:27 A.M. on April 10, 2010.  Look forward to seeing him at our DC TimeWatchers gatherings.





Spotlight - Bill Rickenbrode

February 1, 2010

Bill Rickenbrode was born in Wichita Kansas and raised in Hope Kansas with his brother and sister, graduating from Hope Rural High School in 1960. Bill’s dad was an auto and diesel mechanic and then a truck driver for a large agricultural chemical company. His mom also worked for the same company as a PR printer.

After High School, Bill attended a year at Kansas State and then joined the Air Force for the next 4 years. Bill’s Air Force days included residences in Texas, Mississippi and Florida. Bill met Carol, his wife in Hope Kansas and was married on August 14, 1965.  After the Air Force, Bill worked as an auto mechanic at Chevrolet dealerships in Kansas and Florida. 

On January 7, 1977, Bill hired on with the Florida Department of Corrections at Brevard CI assigned as the dorm officer in H2-B Dormitory (now known as G Dorm). He went to CTI at Union CI and when he returned he still had H2-B Dorm, except now on the Midnight shift. By early summer 1977 Bill was moved to an inside security spot and then to the control room.  In late September, Bill was promoted to the Education department as the Auto Shop Instructor.  In August of 1978, Bill was promoted again to the Industries Shop Manager (now Y dorm). In 1984, P.R.I.D.E. took over the operation of the Industries and from that time till November, Bill worked for them. In November of 84, Bill returned to Security and was subsequently assigned to the Laundry where he was promoted to Sergeant and remained in the Laundry until he retired on January 30, 2004. 

After retiring in June of 2004, Bill and Carol moved back to Kansas to take care of his mother, who is 92 this year. Bill and Carol have busied themselves building, decorating, landscaping and gardening their new home to their satisfaction. Carol wrapped up a career with the State of Kansas and just retired this past April. Bill hobbies with wood cutting and attends as many craft shows as he and Carol can.

Now that Carol is retired as well, they enjoy traveling to see their children, their oldest lives in Council Grove, Kansas with a grandson and granddaughter. Their Daughter lives in Clemmons, NC with two grandsons and their youngest son lives in Palm Bay Florida and has no children at this time. The youngest son and family in Palm Bay is a good draw for us to get to see Bill and Carol a couple times a year at our Get2Gethers and activities.  Bill and Carol are Charter members of our group and also a member of our DC TimeWatchers group on facebook.  If you want to catch up with Bill and Carol, drop him an email at ricken64@tctelco.net  or join us on the facebook group and just send him a message on facebook or better yet, come on to the Get2Gether on April 9, you will probably catch Bill and Carol right there. 

It is always great to get to visit with Bill and Carol when they are in the area. 

Brevard Correctional Flying their Colors

Yes we are! Typically in this business you would think of gang activities however Brevard C.I. is proud to fly their true colors in Memory and Support of Our Heroes Serving Our Country. Everyone has been one space further from the front door since December in honor of those heroes. The reserved space is for any of Our Heroes that return home. Fortunately, BCI hasn’t any staff abroad at the present, however it does bring a warm though to those who have recently returned home it provides a sense of pride for all those who pass by knowing we have heroes away from us daily fighting for our independence and safety.





Click picture to view


Very talented students from our Sponsored school, the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind took 3rd place in the 2010 Florida Department of Education PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT contest, Celebrating Literacy Week.  Teachers;  Jessica Kaspar, Jessica Stultz, Theresa Colbert, Bethany Peacock, Sarah Reed and 6 students from FSDB from 1st-5th grade participated. The FSDB team worked hard and produced a PSA about the importance of reading and submitted it for the competition for the 2010 PSA competition. 

The FSDB team won 3rd place competing with other schools statewide.  The school receives a $250 prize from the DOE and each child who participated in the PSA receives a single day Park Hopper family 4 pack of tickets to Disney. 

The FSDB team did a great job…. Want to see it!!!  Go to www.justreadflorida.com/literacyweek.asp  and click on 3rd place video under the Elementary School submissions.

Congratulations to all the Students and Teachers who worked so hard on this project!  WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!!!!

On January 24, 2010, Students and teachers traveled to Tallahassee where they received recognition for their hard work from Lieutenant Governor Kottcamp.  Check out the picture.

Way to go FSDB Team!!!




March 6, 2010

We had the following DC TimeWatchers at breakfast with us today:  E.J. Smith, Lorna Travis, Uwe Schwersensky, Larry Reed, Richard Lopresto, Larry Cruce, John & Jackie Shearer, Amos Lewis, Kathy & Steve Senter and son Richard McCullogh. That makes a perfect dozen!

Steve was in from Iraq and it is always great to see him and Kathy. I had to tease Kathy's Son Richard a bit about how little he was the last time I saw him. He is a grown man now. Lorna Travis was wintering in Oak Hill from North Georgia and joined us for breakfast as well. Amos had worked overtime and stopped to join us for breakfast. The rest of the crew, Ski, Keith, Larry C, Larry R and Rich L. just had a good time catching up with everyone. 

You need to mark next month on your calendar,  Saturday April 6 and plan to come on out and join us for the monthly breakfast. We always have a good crowd and it is good to catch up on happenings in each of our lives.  You are invited to be a part.

Don't forget we have both, a breakfast next month on Saturday April 3, and our GET2GETHER at Dixie Crossroads on Friday April 9 at 11:45am.  Hope to see Everyone then.


Click Pictures to enlarge

Around the Breakfast Table

February 6, 2010


"February's breakfast was very nice with a good turnout.  Fourteen folks showed including, Tom & Maria Komon and Alex, Joni Brooks,  Larry Reed, Richard Lopresto, Keith & Kathie Kiser, E.J. Smith, Marvin and Marina Ryan and Marv's brother Jerry Ryan along with Jackie and John Shearer.  Breakfast was exceptionally great and for those who get there before 9:00 am you get a discount on the meals... So mark your calendars right now for Saturday, March 6, 2010 and plan to join the DCTW Breakfast Club at 9:00am at the Whistle Junction in Titusville for the First Saturday event.  We all joined in wecoming Joni Brooks back to Florida from the frozen north... She moved from New York back to the Titusville area. So we will be counting on seeing Joni at more events as the year progresses."

Please see the attached photographs.

Click pictures to enlarge

Congratulations Sgt. Jessie Hatfield

Major J. O'Bryan, Sgt. Jessie Hatfield, Major P. Harris
On December 4, 2009, Officer Jessie Hatfield  was promoted to Sergeant at Brevard Correctional Institution.
DC TimeWatchers wish to congratulate Jessie on his recent promotion and wish him the best in his new position.

Spotlight - James "Rip"Collins

January 1, 2010

James (Rip) Collins was born and raised in Chatham New York with his 4 brothers and 2 sisters.  Jim served in the US Navy from 1948 to 1955. Jim married Nancy in 1951 and started their family.  Jim’s first job after the navy was with the Chatham Telephone Company from 1955 – 1956. In 1957 Jim and Nancy relocated to Florida and he went to work at R.C.A., G.E., MARTINCO and BOEING.  Jim remained active in Veterans Affairs after his service years.

Jim came to work at Brevard C.I. in 1983 initially as the Electrical Maintenance person and then became the Electrical Vocational Instructor. James experience and hard work ethic came so welcome during his first few years at Brevard. He accomplished so much during his first couple of years in maintenance.  As an instructor, Jim served as the Florida State President of International Corrections Education Association.  His abilities and his skills in sharing his knowledge benefited the educational/vocational program as well as provided work skills to hundreds of inmates who attended his program.

Much to our surprise, our friend and coworker and his lovely wife appeared in the newspaper at a social function at the Whitehouse visiting and socializing with President Clinton on November 11, 1995.  We were very proud of James.  The invite was the result of a personal recommendation from Jack Carney, National Past President VFW Commander, in recognition of Jim’s service to fellow veterans.  Jim retired from Brevard in 1996.

Today James and Nancy reside at 2457 Canterbury Lane in Melbourne where they spend their time enjoying grand children and great grandchildren.  They also are loyal and Charter DC TimeWatchers and can be found at our functions and GET2GETHERS.  Nancy and Jim are members of our Group on facebook, too.  If you want to stay in touch with Jim, you can drop him an email at nancy2jim@aol.com  or plan to join us at any future GET2GETHER posted on our website: www.dctimewatchers.com

You will have to personally ask Jim how he got his nickname, Rip, the next time you see him….

Our next BIG GET2GETHER will be April 09, 2009 at 11:45am at the famous Dixie Crossroad’s Restaurant 1475 Garden Street Titusville, Florida, 32796, so put that date on your calendar now and plan to join the DC TimeWatchers for their Spring Luncheon at a great restaurant.  Also, don’t forget that our group meets for breakfast the first Saturday of every month at 9 AM at the Whistle Junction restaurant located on SR 405 across from Wal-Mart and in front of the new Target Store not more than 3 minutes from the intersection of SR 50 & I-95.



January 2, 2010

The first breakfast of 2010 went off just fine.  We had 13 folks show up with first time attendees, Steve Klein, Lisa Klein and Nick Klein along with regulars, Larry Cruce, Allen Spence, George & Ruth Merklinger, Jackie & John Shearer, Tom & Maria Komon & daughter Alex and Keith Kiser.  Also coincidentally, new DC TimeWatcher (still working) Lee Molina and family were eating just a couple of tables away sporting their youngest DC TimeWatcher Grand baby… Congratulations Lee and Grandma, (mom too)! That brings our DC TimeWatcher breakfast up to 18!!!

It was great seeing Steve, Lisa and Nick.  The last time I saw Nick he was in diapers.... He is a grown up man now. Some of us are getting old (I think it is Steve & Lisa). Steve is the Chief Correctional Officer at Lawtey and Lisa is a Sergeant at Baker CI and happened to be visiting family in the area this weekend and it was truly nice catching up with them.  We all enjoyed a great breakfast with our friends.  No one left hungry and we had a great time visiting. 

Make sure you mark your calendar for Saturday February 6, 2010 to join us at Whistle Junction at 9am in
Titusville for our February first Saturday “Family” breakfast.  You don’t have to be retired to join us.  Come on and join the group for breakfast.

Check out our pictures of the FIRST BREAKFAST 2010!

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